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Wedding Jitters

Alrighty, I'm finally trying to plan out this darn wedding thingy, (Derek and I have been engaged for HOW LONG? Holy cow!) There's one little problem though - the idea of getting married completely freaks me out!!! I don't know anything about planning weddings or receptions. I'm too shy and too anti-sappy stuff to get married! So, what should we do? We like the idea of having an itty bitty, barely even counts ceremony and a huge reception with everyone we know afterward, (who will probably resent us for inviting them to the reception but not the ceremony, but whatever!) Does this idea sound completely screwed up? HELP! I'm going nuts, (and I don't think I was exactly the most sane person around to begin with!)

Love Thy Neighbor

A certain woman in my neighborhood, (who will probably read this so I won't be too specific...) IS COMPLETELY INSANE! She was complaining that there are elm tree suckers in my yard, (which I guess are baby trees...?) She was afraid that the saplings were going to spread and that we would have a neighborhood elm tree infestation to deal with, so she came over to pull them out. I couldn't help wondering what she was actually going to do, since there were no suckers in my yard. What did she do? She cut down my rosebushes and stuffed them into my dumpster right after trash day, (umm...I was kinda planning on using my dumpster throughout the week, but whatever!)

*Update on 1/11/11: We moved years ago, so let's go ahead and just call this looney neighbor Paula!

This was not the only time that my odd neighbor used my dumpster. Sexy Nerd took our trash to the curb a few weeks ago and ran into our new neighbors from across the street, who were also bringing their dumpster to the c…

The BEST of the Best Bloggers

Whoever could the winners be? wonders Sexy Nerd kitty. "Kitteh" in cute internets talk. (On a side note, I've discovered the ridiculous site Cats in Ties.)
We've had an exciting 2 weeks here. Thank you to everyone who took a moment to vote for the BEST of the Best in Show competition. The winners are:

1st place! Yippee for Beth Stone Studio!
2nd place! Woo hoo for My Little Blogspot!

Congratulations! Winners, feel free to take your pretty award button. (It is pretty, isn't it?) I will be emailing you shortly for your contact information and will get your prizes out to you quick, fast, and in a hurry.
This little piggy senses good things in the future for these 2 top-notch blogging Wonderwomen.

Still in Seychelles. Someone is Driving Me Crazy

This is actually a few posts merged together into one. Ah, the joy of limited internet access.

My mum is driving me nuts! She was flipping out when I was posting on MySpace last night. She said I was going to be sooo embarrassed when people read what I wrote and she kept yelling at me not to post anything. I asked her if she knows what MySpace is and she said no. I asked her if she has read what I am posting and she said no. I think that's all I need to say, right?

Yesterday, my great grandmother showed me a skirt that she'd made for me. She wanted me to try it on and was trying to get me to take off my pants in front of everyone. I'm glad that I was able to escape with the skirt into the bathroom. It was so small I could barely get it past my knees, so it would have been extra embarrassing to try to put in on with everyone watching. My mum says I should have just done it because my great grandmother is so old that she has seen everything before and changing in front of he…

Seychelles, 2006

Yay, I finally have internet access! Well, actually, I am writing this without internet access, but I am optimistic that I will be able to find an internet café tomorrow, (Saturday) where I can send this.

We are staying with my great grandmother, "Grandmere", who is 94 years old. She is nice but it's hard to talk to her because she has trouble hearing. (Hmm, I guess that's what its like talking to me sometimes.) Even though she is old, she still dyes her hair brown all the time so people won't know she has gray hair.

My mum and I took Grandmere to the casino earlier. I was trying to help her walk inside, but she is kinda wacky so she was dragging me into things. She kept trying to walk through doorways with me right next to her and I kept getting squished! LOL, a guy at the casino was laughing at me as he watched us try to get through the front door. She is such a stereotypical little old lady, feeding her social security money into the slot machines! I think she…

Farewell Forever?

Tomorrow, I'm leaving the country for three weeks to go to a family reunion in the Seychelles Islands, which is off the coast of Africa, and Paris. I'm not sure how often I'll have access to the internet, if ever, so I thought I'd better say goodbye to everyone.

Goodbye! Have a safe and happy three weeks! :)


Think warm and fuzzy thoughts for me. My family My CRAZY MOM is going to drive me nuts! Somehow, my dad got out of this trip and he is a lucky, lucky guy. Sexy Nerd, who has been pestering me about when we're going to finally get married, would not even come on this trip, even if it meant getting married next week! He knows it's going to be a miserable time.


How bad could three weeks with my mom be, you ask? For starters, she is already upset because I'm planning to bring my laptop with me. I purchased this laptop, my first ever, specifically for this trip.

She is annoyed because I am only bringing 4 swimsuits. I thought 4 swimsuits was a lot!