Tomorrow I'm leaving the country for three weeks to go to a family reunion in the Seychelles Islands, (which is off the coast of Africa,) and Paris. I'm not sure how often I'll have access to the internet, if ever, so I thought I'd better say goodbye to everyone. Goodbye! Have a safe and happy three weeks everyone! :)
Think warm and fuzzy thoughts for me. My family My CRAZY MOM is going to drive me nuts!!!!!!!!! Somehow, my dad got out of this trip and he is a lucky, lucky guy. Sexy Nerd, who has been pestering me about when were going to finally get married, would not even come on this trip, even if it meant getting married next week!
How bad could three weeks with my mom be, you ask? For starters, she is already upset because I'm planning to bring my laptop with me. She is annoyed because I am only bringing 4 swimsuits, (I thought 4 swimsuits was a lot!) She is mad because I am bringing one pair of shorts and a few skirts. She says that I will be too hot wearing shorts and skirts. What am I supposed to wear instead? Are people in the Seychelles running around naked or what?! She freaked out because she wants to bring coffee creamer on the trip and I said that I would pack some of those little liquid creamer packets, (according to her, this will RUIN our trip!) My mom says that we will be staying with friends for the 2 weeks in the Seychelles, but she does not know who yet. Umm, its the day before we leave. Shouldn't we know by now?? She hasn't been to the Seychelles in 22 years. How close could she possibly be with these mystery friends? My mom also insists that we are going to go snorkeling in the ocean, which I have never even considered doing, and when I asked her if we'll have life jackets she got really mad at me for asking such a stupid question. She says of course we won't have life jackets! This may sound fine and dandy to some people, but I CANT SWIM! Holy monkeys, I am going to die on this trip!! All you religious people out there, pray for me!

Sorry for all the nervous complaining! Have a great 3 weeks, everyone!!!!
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