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Ah, The Joys Of Dog Ownership

I thought Pica was bad, especially when she had tapeworms and earmites, but Biscuit has outdone her. I was petting Biscuit last night and noticed a bump on her side. It looked like it might be some kind of a gross doggy zit. Derek thought it might be a tick, so he tried to remove it. We held Biscuit down and got the tweezers. Well, we were both wrong.

It was a big, grubby, squirming WORM that had burrowed into her skin! 

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! Luckily, Biscuit is just about due for her rabies shot, so we're going to bring the dead worm with us to her appointment to make sure there isn't anything else we should be concerned about. Poor Biscuit!

Dogs are disgusting!!!

Shame On You, Albuquerque

Albuquerque is full of crooks! People are so cheap & overreact to the red-light cameras around town, even though the only way to get a ticket is if you BREAK THE LAW! Everyone is so paranoid that their license plate number will be caught by the cameras that they go to all sorts of crazy expense to hide their numbers, even though law-abiding citizens have nothing to worry about.

Why am I so upset, you wonder? Derek's license plate was just stolen off of his truck right from our driveway!!! We're buying our 1st house right now so unnecessary little expenses like this are especially irritating. If anyone out there sees a vehicle with the plate HFY505, report it to the police! It's STOLEN!

Thank you!