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Sweatpants and Springtime in Albuquerque

Sexy Nerd has big plans for our yard this year. He also has no shame about being photographed in grungy sweatpants...outside...where all our neighbors can see him. That said, he surely won't mind me posting these photos on my blog, right?

He recently installed the wire fence you see behind him. It sections off our yard into the attractive hang-out-on-the-patio area and the garden.

The Garden (coming soon, I hope!)

Sexy Nerd is hoping to grow an assortment of fruits and vegetables this year, including tomatoes, jalapeƱos, watermelon, kale, cantaloupe, bell peppers, cucumbers, and strawberries. By fencing off half the yard, he has effectively prevented his crops from being devoured by pests.

Garden-Munching Pests

For maximum enjoyment of the patio section, we have our handy dandy bug zapper! Betcha didn't know people actually use these. Neither did I. Welcome to Albuquerque!

So, what's the best feature of our backyard? Is it that miniature (really miniature!) golf course section you see in the photo above? Is it that lush, green lawn (also phony baloney) in the photo at the top?
Nope. It's the smoker that I bought Sexy Nerd for his birthday. While he was busy setting up his garden and installing his fence, he had ribs smoking!

As for myself, I was taking a loooong springtime nap.


  1. Hey Lamb Around! You were above me on SITS Sharefest Saturday, so good morninng! Good job, Sexy Nerd, the backyard looks great! I sent you an email with a post. Let me know if anything needs to be changed on it. Have a wonderful day. Looks nice there - rainy here in CO Springs.

  2. That's .02 more than my blog made! :) Stopping by from SITS Sharefest...

    I thought I was the only one that owned a garden munching dog! He rips up the carrots, eats the tomatoes... Beast!

  3. HI! Thanks for checking out my blog--and for your encouraging comments. I have high hopes that my daughter is destined for greatness (of course, I think all parents do--LOL).

    You've got a great blog--I love your sense of humor!

  4. I nearly can smeel the ribs..yummie is good with your garden...have patience !! happy weekend enjoy th two of you !!

    Hugs from me Ria

  5. Uh oh! I am currently thinking about creating a garden, but didn't think that my own beloved pest would be the one to destroy it.

    Must think of plan.

    Love your blog!

  6. I love that you call him Sexy Nerd. You're so funny!

  7. Im begging my husband to start me a garden for my bday coming up...he says no...boooo

  8. You needed a nap so you could eat all of those yummy ribs!

  9. A nap, a nice yard and ribs--sounds like life is good.

  10. Wait a second, the grass is artificial? It looked so lush, green and REAL! We would never have known. lol I hope the garden does well this year, yielding lots of pest-free fruits.
    Thanks so much for stopping by. Come back again anytime! Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  11. I love the grass, have seen this many places and it looks so real. We do not have a garden but would love to grow some veggies. We have flowers, stepping stones and patios. (no grass in back yard) It's easy care.

  12. Aww garden munching! Mine doesn't munch, but loves to dig freshly planted things up. :(

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance. I have awarded you with the Sunshine Award.

  13. mmm ribs...even more mmm, future jalapeno garden!!! haha.

    hope you're having a killer weekend...taking lots of naps and all.

  14. loved the little tour! also, I LOVE wearing sweatpants. All day.

  15. You yard already looks great.
    I live in sweats on the weekend, so I can't blame him!


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