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Label Game 2

For Label Game 1, please click here! :)

At the recommendation of my coworkers, I decided to try Blue Bell ice cream. It was okay. One particular ingredient seems very odd to me though. See if you can guess which one. (insanely unhealthy!) ingredient breakdown for almonds?? Almonds are just almonds! I don't think I'll be buying Blue Bell ice cream again in the future.

Made with loving care indeed!

Digital Scrapbook Page of the Week

(Click the photo for a larger image)
If anyone wants to know more about Captain Howie, (Sexy Nerd and I do not recommend him!) click the "Who Are These People?" button.

New Bed + $35 Gift Certificate GIVEAWAY

A few years ago, Sexy Nerd and I spent 3 weeks apart while my mom and I visited family in the Seychelles. Although he made it seem like he didn't want me to leave, Sexy Nerd was secretly looking forward to it. He had a surprise planned. For years, I had wanted to buy a pretty new bed, just like this one:

Unfortunately, being a full-time student and working as a Pizza Hut manager didn't leave me with any money to actually buy a bed. Sexy Nerd was also a poor college student. What to do, right?

Build a bed, of course!

It took up the entire bedroom in our rental house!
Of course, we have since moved into our own house and our tastes have changed. Want to guess where I am heading with this?

Fear not, my bloggy friends. Although the photo above looks like a hopeless mess, our bedroom remodel is actually close to finished (with more photos coming soon!) One of the last steps is to sand down this ginormous bed and restain it a dark brown. *Ugh!*
We're quite tempted to move this bed …

Because White Doors Are No Fun

When we remodeled our kitchen, we painted the door to the laundry room with chalkboard paint. Let me tell you, if you don't have a chalkboard in your house, you are missing out! It is so much fun to write wacky messages together!

The paint was a little tricky to obtain. They keep it locked up at Lowes, where I suppose it will be safe from all those elementary school teachers with bad intentions. We can only hope, right?

Biscuit mostly speaks Spanish.
It's a long story.
Christmas in August? Sure, why not!

Cartoon Sexy Nerd never leaves home without his trusty Pocket Protector
Neither of us speaks Spanish, (other than a few phrases we remember from college) but the phrases are supposed to say something about our dog Biscuit hiding under the safety of the table and searching for her turtle. If our online translator can be believed, it does.

Note that Pica is shedding profusely, like usual. She does not speak Spanish and is just mocking poor Biscuit, who I must say looks quite charming…

FULL OF &%*#%^@* RAGE!!!

My message to the Albuquerque division of police misconduct:

This morning, I was the victim of police misconduct. I was pulled over for the first time in my life, shortly after leaving my home. As I approached the flashing school zone lights of John Baker Elementary on Comanche, officer J. Hunt stepped into the crosswalk. At first, I thought he was assisting the children who were ready to cross the street. He held his hand out for me to stop, which seemed strange because I was very far from the crosswalk, then he motioned for me to drive forward. I was baffled! I moved closer, then stopped to let the children cross, but he motioned me forward again. I approached, confused by what he was doing, as he seemed to be motioning for me to continue through the crosswalk but did not move out of my way. It was creating a very dangerous situation for the crowd of children that had gathered to cross! I rolled down my window and was told to pull over for speeding - quite a shock as he had been moti…

Pretty New Living Room Pillow

Guess what! I am a lucky duck. I entered the giveaway for a homemade stenciled pillow on the Cheap Chic Home blog and actually won! I never win anything!

Isn't it pretty? I put it in our little reading nook in the living room.

Isn't it just the cutest little pillow ever?
On a quick side note, my bloggy friends, Wednesday is Sexy Nerd's birthday (he's so old!) I want to make him a romantic dinner after work. If you have any ideas, please send me a link. Thanks!
Oh, and did I mention that it should also be inexpensive and fairly easy to make? I'm sure you knew that already ;)

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Copycat Recipe

Since Sexy Nerd had to work yesterday, while I got to lounge around the house, I thought it would be nice if he came home to some tasty doughnuts. I found the recipe here.

Oooh, ingredients!

The first step was to "scald" 1 cup of milk. I'm not sure that this actually made any difference whatsoever.

Next, the butter.

Melt, darn you!

Once the milk was thoroughly scalded, (pfft!) it was time to cool it down.

Thank goodness for YouTube when waiting for your originally cold milk to cool back down. Go Britney!

Beat some eggs.

 Sift some flour.

Ooh, that falling flour is beautiful! It's a pity that the sifter is covered in water spots.

Get everything mixed nicely.

The original Recipezaar recipe resulted in dough that was much too sticky to work with. Adding additional flour fixed the problem. But how was I going to get these doughnuts to look doughnuty? Sexy Nerd & I don't have any cookie cutters. Seriously!

Clever? Oh yes!

Actually, the drinking glass and the shot glass …

Come to the Albuquerque Zoo with me!

It's a bright, sunny day in Albuquerque. Did you remember to put on sunscreen? You grabbed your hat and water bottle?

Great! We're off to the Albuquerque Zoo, which is waaay better (and less crowded) than the San Diego Zoo. Don't believe me? See for yourself:
Once he had our attention, there was no stopping him from screaming HELLO! and swinging and doing flips along the top of his cage..
Mmmmm, furry bacon!
This mountain lion has been pacing back and forth, scouring the crowd for weak children to pick from the pack, every time we've ever been to the zoo, except for this visit. Perhaps he finally caught one. He does look content.
Sexy Nerd insists this bird was watching me. But is his eye missing?
Someone's cute and knows it.
Wow. A zebra.
Yeah, he's pretty special.
What do you do when you're a polar bear in the desert?
You "chill" out! (I hear you laughing!)
This concludes our fabulous Albuquerque excursion. Don't forget to tip your tour guide. In c…