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The Only Corner To Put Baby In Was Dirty

*Don't forget to enter the 1st ever LambAround giveaway: Win A Le Creuset Stock Pot!Okay, on to the guest blogging fun:

Hey All! I am so happy be be here while Lamb and Sexy Nerd are away on their adventure. I tried but they wouldn't take me...probably because they may have read this post!
So, you want to know who you are talking to right? I am Holly, and 504 Main is my home away from home where I entertain, cook, create, and write about whatever happens to intrigue me at the moment. I want 504 Main to be a comfortable place, the kind of place that you feel like you can stop by anytime, kick off your heels {or boots} and have a mocha...or a glass of wine {or champagne}. 
Hope you enjoy the tale of my vacation. 

The Only Corner To Put Baby In Was Dirty Once or twice a year, hubby and I have the same argument...where are we going on vacation? Pre Baby No. 2, the answer was Hawaii. Post baby No. 2, the thought of a 5 hour flight...the time difference...and traveling with my husband who…

Win A Le Creuset Stock Pot! LambAround's 1st Giveaway!

Super huge, mega exciting news today! But, due to my BlogHer (awesome, by the way) agreement, I'm not technically allowed to have the giveaway right here (phooey!) Luckily, BlogHer is perfectly happy with me linking to my giveaway: Win A Le Creuset Stock Pot! LambAround's 1st Giveaway!

Good luck, everyone!

If I were a rich girl, I'd throw in that bottle of wine too!

Ever Post A Rerun?

In honor of our upcoming cruise (or, hey, maybe I'm already away on my cruise right this instant, and merely scheduled this post ahead of time!)(muah ha ha!) today's post is actually just a cut/paste repeat of a previous vacation.

That's not fair! you say? You're not allowed to use the same post on your blog twice! you insist?

Were you reading my blog back when I went to the Seychelles? Do you even know where the Seychelles is?? (I'm not trying to be mean to you, my fabulous reader, of course! Most people I talk to really don't know where the Seychelles is!)

Anyhow, enjoy this post and leave me comments so I have something to look forward to when I get back from my cruise (not that I'm gone, of course! I'm right here blogging!)

My Seychelles Post

(This is actually a few posts merged together into one. Ah, the joy of being confined to an island with limited internet access for 2 weeks.)

My mum is driving me nuts! She was flipping out when I was posting on …

Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day...Err, Night

*Quick Update*
I just noticed that I have 99 Followers! Ooooh, it's so close to 100 that I can't stand it! Come on, bloggy buddies! You know you want to follow LambAround! Give into the urge!

Okay, on to the real post:

Last night, Sexy Nerd was feeling a little bit "lovey". He had candles lit and wine and suggested that I put on a sexy outfit. I changed into something skimpy, somewhat covered by an equally skimpy, see-through robe. Being Mr. Smooth Talker, he came up to me and said in his sexiest voice, "Oooh, you're wearing layers. I'll have to take them off. You're like an onion."


How does the commercial go? Rich, but not smooth. Shame he isn't rich either.

*Update: Sexy Nerd just read this post and pointed out that he had not lit any candles. Take the hint, Sexy Nerd!!!

Links to Previous Sexy Nerd Quotes: A Frozen Loaf and Baby Pimping

Woot, Woot! Party at the 2010 HGTV Green Home!

I'm going to throw a fabulous housewarming party, with all my bloggy buddies (thanks to Amanda at It's Blogworthy for the idea), held at the 2010 HGTV Green House. There will be a dessert buffet, as well as lots and lots of alcohol for everyone! Aren't you excited? You're invited! (Hey, that rhymes!)

Plenty of seating for everyone!
The only catch, and this is just a teenie tiny, minor detail, is that I have to win the house first. 
You can help! It's just like when we all wished for me to win the 2010 HGTV Dream House (except, as proven by that house being awarded to Myra Lewis instead, we all have to wish a bit harder this time, darn it!) Remember our Dream Home chant? (clicky here if you've forgotten) Repeat after me:
"Sexy Nerd and Lamb are going to win the 2010 HGTV Green Home. They recycle. They turn off the lights when they leave a room. They compost will compost in their new Green Home. Most importantly, they will have a huge-ass party when they win!&qu…

Sweatpants and Springtime in Albuquerque

Sexy Nerd has big plans for our yard this year. He also has no shame about being photographed in grungy sweatpants...outside...where all our neighbors can see him. That said, he surely won't mind me posting these photos on my blog, right?

He recently installed the wire fence you see behind him. It sections off our yard into the attractive hang-out-on-the-patio area and the garden.

The Garden (coming soon, I hope!)
Sexy Nerd is hoping to grow an assortment of fruits and vegetables this year, including tomatoes, jalapeƱos, watermelon, kale, cantaloupe, bell peppers, cucumbers, and strawberries. By fencing off half the yard, he has effectively prevented his crops from being devoured by pests.
Garden-Munching Pests
For maximum enjoyment of the patio section, we have our handy dandy bug zapper! Betcha didn't know people actually use these. Neither did I. Welcome to Albuquerque!

So, what's the best feature of our backyard? Is it that miniature (really miniature!) golf course section …

Dinks in a Hostel

Before anything else, I'd like to say a great big THANK YOUto all the fabulous bloggers who stopped by to wish me a happy birthday (it's about time, right?) 
Oh, and another tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me a guest blogger post. If you're still interested, just email a post (old ones are fine!) and some info about yourself and your blog to I'll post it here with a link to your site. Okay, on to today's post!

Now that the cake and ice cream overdose has worn off, (we walked a bunch on my birthday and I even exercised, so it's not as bad as it sounds!) it's time to buckle down and plan the details of our upcoming cruise. When you think about it, eleven nights is not really that much time for a vacation, so we've decided to stay 3 additional nights in New York when we get off the ship.

Problem? I can't believe how expensive New York hotels are! I'm a $65/nt kinda gal. For $150/nt, we may not even get our own bat…

Guest Bloggers Wanted

As you've hopefully picked up from reading my blog, Sexy Nerd and I are leaving for an 11 night cruise soon. This means I am in serious need of a few guest bloggers! Don't be shy! I'm not the type to shoot down someone who offers to write a post while I'm away! That said, there are a couple of people who have said they'd do some guest blogging for me in the past, but who wants a guest blogger who reads 1 post on your site, comments that they'll be a guest blogger, and never visits again? If any of you people from before are still out there lurking, now is your opportunity to prove yourself!

What's in it for you? The prestige of being featured here on LambAround, of course (no laughing!) Seriously, if you are interested, just let me know in a comment below. Your post will include your name and a link to your site, along with some fun tidbits about your site if you'd like. Heck, I'm not picky, so feel free to cut/paste one of your old posts if you wan…

Happy Birthday to Me

Even though my birthday isn't technically until today, that hasn't stopped me from celebrating all week

Last Sunday, Sexy Nerd agreed to play Mario Party with me, which he never, ever does. In fact, the last time we played was for my birthday last year!

On Monday, Sexy Nerd took me to dinner at Chili's after work, followed by a trip to the mall. I used a coupon at Chili's for a free birthday dessert (in case you missed my FREE BIRTHDAY TREATS post, you should absolutely check it out! Oh, the coupons this cheap thrifty girl has received! Life is good!)
Tuesday, Sexy Nerd made dinner. It was his turn to make dinner anyway, but he insisted I count it. To be fair, it was pretty tasty Hamburger Helper. What's Sexy Nerd's secret ingredient? Soybeans!
Wednesday and Thursday, Sexy Nerd brought home little goodies for me, like cans of Diet Coke, a piece of cake from a meeting he'd had at work, and a candy bar. He also rubbed lotion on my feet! For him, that'a a huge…

Fun With Allergies

You know how I know that these allergies are getting the better of me? I had a conversation with Pica and Biscuit this morning. It went a little something like this:
"Uuuuuuuugh! My throat is so sore that I'm losing my voice! I can barely talk! How am I going to work all day if I can't talk?"
And, of course, upon realizing that I would be wise to keep my thoughts in my head, rather than speak them, I told the dogs:
"I should stop talking to you guys and save my voice for work! I'm not going to tell you about my allergies any more or about how I'm losing my voice! You're going to make me useless at work!"

C They were concerned. "Mom's gone crazy," they thought, wondering if this meant breakfast would be delayed. You can see it in their faces.
I've been taking Benadryl before bed each night. It helps me fall asleep, but I always wake up with the urge to quit my job and simply stay in bed forever. I've tried the Walgreens version of…

Cruising, HGTV Green Home, CRAZY Sexy Nerd and LAZY Me

1. Sexy Nerd and I have received our cabin assignment for our cruise. We were upgraded from the cheapest, not-even-a-tiny-window room to a room with not just a balcony, but an oversized balcony, which is much fancier than any room we've had on a cruise before. Sexy Nerd was quick to point out that it will probably be too cold to ever set foot on the balcony so it doesn't matter. He's such a downer!
2. I've been browsing through the photos of the 2010 HGTV Green Home. I want it! I do have one complaint though. See if you can guess what it is based on this photo:

Gigantic, gas-guzzling, Alero-running over SUVS are not "green", HGTV! What's that? It's a GMC Yukon Hybrid that gets 21 mpg in the city? That's still atrocious! The Toyota Echo (my dream car, which Sexy Nerd makes fun of) got over 40 mpg and it wasn't even a hybrid! 21 mpg. Puh-lease!

Oops! I just realized that it's a GMC Terrain, not a Yukon Hybrid. Depending on which Terrain it i…

Beware of (CUTE) Identity Theft this Easter

I'll start this post with a confession: back when I was an evil little girl, (muah ha ha)(my evil laugh) I would get up early on Easter, get into the Easter baskets, break my little brother's chocolate Easter bunny and move a few pieces of his candy into my basket, put the baskets back like nothing happened, and go back to bed.

That's right, Michael! You read that right! Muah ha ha!
One more quick thing. If you're having people over for Easter brunch and need a great recipe, try making a Dutch Baby.
Last quick thing (I promise!). If you're looking for the cutest Easter craft ever, click here to find out how to make these adorable sheep!

Okay, on to the identity theft!

Thanks to Marie to sending me these super-cute photos!

Happy Easter!