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Faces with Braces. Oh Goody!

My orthodontist is all about sending mixed messages. At my first appointment, he said I've been brushing too hard. He showed me how to brush gently from now on.

At my first braces adjustment, he lectured me about my poor oral hygiene. I had been brushing too gently! He said not to be afraid of damaging my braces and that they are very strong. He then proceeded to grip my (very sore!) lower front teeth and shake my head from side to side, demonstrating just how mighty the braces are. He said that a toothbrush should last me a month, tops, and that by the end of the life of my toothbrush, the bristles should be smashed down and splayed out.

So, I went home and brushed more aggressively, per the insistence of my orthodontist.


And then spat out a piece of my braces.

Damn you braces. Damn you.


  1. looks like an allen wrench..... Maybe he accidentially left an orthodontical allen wrench in there when he was tightening things....

    "orthodontical" is fun to say.


  2. Braces nil, Toothbrush one.
    Time for a rematch, methinks... :D

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  4. Orthdontical Allen Wrench! bahahaha
    Just keep thinking of how pretty your teeth will be.. someday you'll look back on this experience and laugh, and in the mean time your blog following friends (while totally sympathetic to your plight) will get to laugh along the way :)
    Hang in there!

  5. I go for my first adjustment this Thursday, and I'm not looking forward to the visit one bit! Even though I haven't had too much problem with my teeth being sore (aside from the first three days), I'm dreading the oral evaluation of the last month. It's just so hard to tell whether or not you are brushing well enough, or even flossing for that matter. I even work at a dental office, and I'm still completely unsure of my brace face, despite the resources at my fingertips.

    Proxybrushes and floss threaders have become my best friend! But, have your teeth yellowed near where the glue is for the bracket? Mine has, and it drives me up the wall!

    How long is your treatment going to last? I was told 18-24 months, but we shall see!

  6. Ugh! Bummer. I remember braces. I wore them as an adult too for 3 years. I remember the agony of trying to bite into a cheese sandwich after tightenings. I guess your orthodontist is eating his words now that your braces broke after his advice. Hey thanks for your recent follow. I will have to check out your blog hop.

  7. Our daughter had braces and they can be a challenge. Hang in there!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


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