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Amerisleep Mattress Reviews: 5 Years Later

These Amerisleep reviews are NOT a sponsored post. Not in any way whatsoever. Unlike other "impartial" reviewers out there, I did not receive my Liberty Bed for free. All the opinions here are 100% my own.

*6/17/17 Update*
 Since publishing my original review, Amerisleep has started a new referral program. If you order through my link (THANK YOU!) you'll save an additional $50 on top of other discounts and specials! There is almost always a promo code available on the Amerisleep website, so if there's not a good deal today, check back tomorrow.

If you buy through my link, that would be swell because then I'll get a referral bonus that I can use toward purchasing other memory foam products for the house we're about to break ground on hopefully any day now we're finally building (!!!), so placing your order through my link would be so helpful, especially as we're a bit (a lot!) over budget already. What's a better compliment than planning to buy more of the exact same product again? Plus, I very much appreciated memory foam mattress reviews when trying to decide on the best one to buy, and I love being in a position to help others with their decision, especially my bloggy friends.

Oh, and I may have initially, technically written this as a "screw you" to Simmons, a company we loathe. More on that below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to check out my Q&A Amerisleep post too. If there's a question I haven't covered, feel free to send me an email. I love hearing from my readers!

Okay, finally on to the blog post. I'm a bit of an update-addict.

mattress review

My Amerisleep Review from 2012

Have you heard of Amerisleep? Sexy Nerd, my engineer husband, and I finally replaced our crummy (and lumpy! and saggy!) old (but not old enough that it should need replacing) Simmons Beautyrest (BLECH!!!) and are loving our new mattress.

Yeah, we have a little bitterness toward Simmons. Can you tell? We saved up more than a thousand dollars for that Beautyrest, while I was working a just barely over minimum wage job and we were both going to school full-time, and we felt so cheated.

Beautyrest? More like Uglyrest. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

We were nervous about making such a big purchase online, especially after our bad experience with Simmons, but were swayed by all the Amerisleep mattress reviews I'd read and by their top-notch customer service. I spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with company representatives before making my purchase and they never seemed to mind my many questions. I even received a few personalized emails from the CEO, Firas Kittaneh! I loved how enthusiastic they were about their product. We also had the option to return it if it didn't live up to the hype, which was reassuring.

"I look forward to hearing how much you love your new bed!!" is the email I received after placing my order. It was from a real person who had helped me. A great sign.

The following week, our Liberty Bed arrived...

Unpacking Our New Mattress

amerisleep photos
 The box was bigger than Sexy Nerd! I recommend you have a second person to help you move it to the bedroom. Luckily, I'm stronger than I look.

Sexy Nerd claimed he could have moved the package upstairs on his own. He "just didn't want to". Yeah.

Also, wouldn't it have been great if I'd moved the dog bowls out of the way before taking this photo?

Oh! And 2016 update that I just noticed to the left of the box, you can see a model of the house we're currently a photo from 2012. Geez, we waited forever.

mattress review before and after
Pica was hunting the mysterious black bag in our bedroom.
It seemed wise to stop her from attacking it.
 biscuit is too afraid to give a mattress review
Biscuit wouldn't even enter the room.

 amerisleep coupon and mattress review
Sexy Nerd was very careful when removing the packaging. He had to be, with yours truly jumping around and saying "Careful! Don't cut the mattress! Are you being careful? Oooooh, be careful!"

dont judge our messy bedroom in this mattress review
It began expanding even faster than we'd expected.

The Liberty Bed must be freed!

the best amerisleep review photo ever
It expanded this much in about a minute.

amerisleep discount
It kept growing and growing!

amerisleep promo
There was still more plastic to remove before our new bed was ready.

amerisleep codes
At first, we were surprised by the amount of plastic. Really though, if it weren't for all that plastic, might a rogue mattress start expanding on the shipping truck?

FedEx and UPS would not be happy.

best memory foam mattress

mattress made in america
No more waking up with back pain for this Sexy Nerd.

funny mattress review
What did Pica, who was sooo excited about our new (and still expanding!) mattress, think of it? I don't know.
She isn't allowed on the bed.

My Amerisleep VS Tempur-Pedic Test

Amerisleep claims their products are equal to Tempur-Pedic, but for a lot less money. We have been sleeping on our Liberty bed (now known as the AS3 bed - their #1 bestseller) since 2012 and I agree. Anyone can say they're as good as Tempur-Pedic though. There seemed like there must be a way to prove this.

You know those fancy commercials where the person jumps on the Tempur-Pedic bed and the wine glass doesn't tip over?

tempurpedic wine glass test
Wine glass test, sans wine. I was fairly confident Amerisleep would pass with flying colors...but how would I ever live it down if it didn't?

Sexy Nerd, the always serious engineer, had much more fun taking these photos than I'd expected. I couldn't get him to stop jumping on the bed!

My Amerisleep Mattress Review from 2017


We've owned our Liberty/AS3 Bed for more than 5 years and are still completely happy with it. Sexy Nerd says it's perfect in every way. It hasn't had any problems with sagging (unlike our piece of garbage Simmons Beautyrest, which this had to replace after only a few years) and it doesn't get hot, which I've heard is a common problem with memory foam products. Personally, I think it is ever-so-slightly too firm for my taste. The next softest (the Colonial Bed, aka AS4, according to the comparison chart on the Amerisleep site) is much more expensive though, so if I could go back, I would still choose the same one. As someone who doesn't like too-firm of a bed, I do think it's worth paying a little extra to get the Liberty over the more firm choices (the Americana/AS1 Bed and Revere/AS2 Bed).

This mattress really is just like a Tempur-Pedic, but at a much better price because it's sold directly to the consumer instead of going through stores, salespeople, and multiple delivery stops. There isn't even an additional charge for sales tax, which adds up quickly on a $1,000 purchase. My favorite thing is that there is no transfer of motion, meaning I can continue sleeping when Sexy Nerd gets up for work at 5 am. I'd love to splurge on the "extra soft" Independence Bed one day, which I imagine is like sleeping on a fluffy marshmallow, but at more than twice the cost of the Liberty, I'm happy with what we have. Plus, Sexy Nerd loves our bed exactly as it is and wouldn't change a thing, so he'd probably just complain if I "upgraded" us to a softer choice.

Mattress Photos After 5 Years


After all this time, our Liberty Bed (aka AS3) is practically brand-new, even though we've slept on it almost every night for half a decade! At an age when most mattresses would be nearing replacement age, we're planning to take ours with us to our new house. (You know, assuming construction is finally completed one day.) The 7-year replacement rule doesn't seem to apply to Amerisleep.

I don't understand why anyone is still buying traditional spring mattresses. For such a large investment, you're money ahead to get one that lasts forever. Really, ours has aged so well, I'd be surprised if it's showing any wear at all 50 years from now. Take a look for yourself:

longterm mattress wear review
After more than 5 years, is our mattress still level, even on the section I sleep on every night?

mattress review update
It is! Our Simmons Beautyrest wouldn't have been able to pass this test after 5 weeks, let alone years.
(Also, you don't notice how dirty your level really is until you look at a close-up photo. I put this on our mattress?! Ick.)

Since publishing my original blog post all those years ago, I have received not one, but TWO emails (from different people!) saying they enjoyed my review...but they feel so sad for Pica. So, here is an updated review photo for all my fellow dog lovers:

Mattress review from a spoiled dog
Shhh, don't tell Sexy Nerd. She's much dirtier than the level!

(To be fair, Pica usually looks pretty sad, whether she's allowed on the bed or not.)

JRT loves her new bed
Also, I think Amerisleep makes memory foam dog beds. Shhh, don't tell Pica.

My Most Emailed Questions

I've written a handy blog post answering any Amerisleep questions I can think of. That said, there are two questions readers constantly email me. 
  1. Does your mattress get hot?
  2. Do I have to buy the mattress foundation from Amerisleep?
I have good news for both questions. Ours does not get hot, which is a common problem with other memory foam products. If anything, it seems to stay cooler than traditional spring mattresses, as our Simmons Beautyrest was stained with sweat (yuck!) shortly after buying it and our Liberty Bed is still squeaky clean after all these years.

As for the foundation question, I'm told Amerisleep recommends a special base for their beds and I am happy to report that you can save a bunch of money by ignoring that advice. Our king mattress is on top of two twin box springs, which we already had. (They're what our Simmons Beautyrest was on.) This has worked fine for us over the years. The proof is in the level photo, above. I've also had readers tell me they've had success using plywood instead of box springs.

Amerisleep Promo Code

Since writing my original review more than 5 years ago, Amerisleep has started a referral program. If you order through my link, you'll save an additional $50 on top of other coupons and specials. THANK YOU for using my link. Blogging can be a thankless hobby sometimes and it's so fulfilling when I see that a real person out there is enjoying the site I've put so much into. It truly does mean the world to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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