Kids are Repulsive. Repulsive!


I did something stupid at work on Friday. Someone forgot their sippy cup of milk in our waiting room and I put in on our lost & found shelf, thinking I would throw it out if no one came for it by that afternoon. Then, I forgot all about it.

It was a hot weekend and we leave our air conditioning turned off when the office is closed. I knew the sippy cup of milk was going to smell sour. But it was so much worse than I'd ever imagined!

The cup LEAKED ALL OVER OUR LOST & FOUND SHELF! Instead of just a cup of sour milk, I entered our office today to find this horrible, milk-jelly stuck to everything. And, of course, when I picked up the funky sippy cup, it quickly spilled onto my dress and our recently-cleaned carpet. As for all the forgotten toys, clothing, and electronics in our lost & found? All plastered onto the shelf in a layer of creamy goop! I had to scrape everything off with a spatula from the break room.

The smell. Oh, the sweet and sour smell of death. Everyone always warns about the many gross things you'll come into contact with when you have a baby. They say you'll be barfed on and peed on, etc., etc. But I never hear anyone mention old milk. If that's a smell that accompanies you into your home and car when you have a baby, count me out! It has been hours and the stench is still clinging to me, despite opening the windows and taking everything outside to the dumpster.

 This photo is from a previous LambAround post, where I actually thought a baby might be in our plan somewhere down the line.

Forget it!
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