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Breakfast: The Most Embarrassing Meal of the Day

Let me start this post by stating, for the record, that I stay at Marriott hotels all the time. I'm in it for the breakfast and when a hotel doesn't include this, I stay elsewhere. I am a hotel waffle-making pro.

Then again, making your own waffle is easy peasy, right?

Behold, the tower of waffle batter goodness. How many gallons does it contain?
I always look forward to creating a decadent hotel waffle. The fateful Monday morning after the Summit County Parade of Homes was no exception, and I was pleased to discover that there was no one using the waffle iron, despite the crowd in the hotel breakfast room. It's no secret that I'm a social-anxiety mess, even with something as basic as navigating a shared waffle iron, so this was a relief and a great start to my day.

I picked up my little plastic batter cup. I pressed down on the dispenser nozzle, as I've done 100 times. And then...
The nozzle broke off! It just snapped right off in my hand. The batter exploded from t…

15 Decorating Tips from the Summit County Parade of Homes

An annual tradition of ours is an autumn drive up from Albuquerque to Breckenridge, Colorado to view all the beautiful homes on display during the Summit County Parade of Homes. This post is part 1 of at least 2. There were so many great ideas for when we build our dream home (this spring, I hope!) that they can't possibly all fit into just 1 post.

Bonus tip? I need a home on a lake! Can you image looking out your kitchen window and seeing this? Tip 1: Two front doors are better than one.
Tip 2: If you can see the ceiling of the covered patio, it needs to be done in the same style as the ceiling inside.
Tip 3: Sliding barn doors are in. Almost every house had at least one. Some were small...
...and some were huge. I really had to muster my strength to push this one open!
Tip 4: You can never have too many natural materials.
Tip 5: Your dog washing station should be raised up off the floor. Your back will thank you. (Also, you should tidy up your garbage when your home is feature…

What Is Wrong With People?! And a Giveaway

It's a beautiful day for a Del Taco gift card giveaway! What can you get at Del Taco? Oh, I don't know. Maybe a taco. Maybe a burrito or a breakfast sandwich. Or, just maybe, the yummiest (and actually somewhat healthy, if you can believe it!) fast food item ever, the new Del Taco Fresca Bowl.

There are 3 Del Taco Fresca Bowl varieties to choose from: Southwest Chicken & Veggie, Pollo Asado, and Fire Roasted Veggie. Each is only $4 and there are coupons available to make them an even better value. There's a free drink coupon available through the Del Taco email club, an online instant win game, which is pretty much impossible to lose, and the Del Taco Facebook page. I even received another coupon for $1 off my next purchase with my receipt. But before I continue any further, take a look at this:
At my most recent Del Taco visit, it was about 1pm on a weekday and I was on my lunch break from work. The perfect time to be out in public IN YOUR PAJAMA TOP WITH YOUR BRA…