Christmas...or Halloween?

There's a screech owl who has been flying all around my neighborhood. Our weekly newsletter pointed out this "cute visitor" at the beginning of December. Here he is, perched on a neighbor's front door.

It's called a SCREECH owl, not a fluffy owl or a cutesy owl or a buddy owl. Think of a kitten. Now, think of a SCREECH KITTEN. Scary, right? Perched nonchalantly, he's plotting his next evil deed in that evil little head of his. It's what they do.

This is exactly why all houses need multiple ways in and out. You wouldn't dare open this door with an owl sitting on it, and you damn well know it.

The next weekend, the screech owl was photographed at a neighbor's wood pile. Supposedly, it's the same "cute visitor" as before, but this one looks bigger to me. And scarier. And, though I wouldn't have thought it possible, much more evil.

He is the destroyer of souls. Step closer and he will eat your future happiness.

Clearly, the folks writing our neighborhood newsletter have never seen The Secret of NIMH.

Or Milo and Otis.

Or Homeward Bound. 

Or any other movie or TV show with an owl, because you know once the ominous owl appears, something spooky can't be far behind.

Copenhagen Photos!

Copenhagen photos post 2 of 2
We visited Boston, Salem, Iceland, Denmark, Baltimore, and HEAVEN, all in one trip.

I asked Sexy Nerd to take my photo in front of these reindeer. This is the only photo he took.

Sexy Nerd enjoyed hearing the stories at the Hans Christian Andersen museum. They're a bit more strange than I remembered. And I remembered them being pretty strange!

The World's Largest Collection of Beer Bottles
(All unopened and no repeats.)

Going through my vacation photos, I came to this one and thought Is that...a swastika?? We never noticed it while we were at the Carlsberg Brewery. According to the Carlsberg website, these elephants were built in 1901 and swastikas used to be a common symbol of the company, as they represented good luck, prosperity, and goodness in India.

Sexy Nerd hates raisins, yet he happily ordered his Glogg with added raisins.

Our first-ever ebelskivers. There's a good chance I ruined a little girl's Christmas by taking these. I have no regrets - they were delicious!

About 30 seconds after I snapped this photo, a car ran over this sign.
Also, the brew did not have a view.

Ride 'em, Santa!

Copenhagen in November

I shared photos from our trip to Iceland, but none from Denmark. Copenhagen deserves better than that! We had a great time walking the cobblestone streets, visiting castles, and enjoying the Christmas markets that seemed to be everywhere. (Seriously, they were even inside some of the castles.)

 November 25-30, 2015
(Photos post 1 of 2...because 80 photos seemed like waaay to many for one blog post.)

 Ever since our trip to Australia, Sexy Nerd insists I pose like this whenever we come across a cannon.
It happens more often than you might expect.

The Worker's Museum in Copenhagen.
We didn't get it.

That look you get when your cactus-obsessed husband has spent too much time in the desert section of the greenhouse.

This last photo was taken at the eerily quiet time of 4:03pm. An hour earlier, the shop-lined streets had been packed with Saturday shoppers.
Denmark is a different place.

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