$20 Del Taco Gift Card Giveaway

After much procrastinating, the giveaway you've been waiting for is finally here. It's pretty straightforward - U.S. residents only, enter via Rafflecopter, and I'll email the randomly-selected winner. Del Taco is my absolute favorite fast food restaurant and there are tons of tasty options to make use of your $20 Del Taco gift card. Might I recommend a bacon quesadilla or one of their new Epic, avocado-stuffed burritos? Heck, with that much money to spend, you can order both.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Del Taco Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito

It's time for another giveaway! I have a $20 Del Taco gift card with your name on it.

(Or possibly someone else's name. That is how giveaways work, you know.)

I recently tried the new Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito from Del Taco. Isn't it pretty?

Oooh, pretty.

As a $1 value menu kinda gal, I thought the price was a bit steep at first and almost didn't order it. Sure, it includes 6 actual slices of Hass avocado (so...an entire avocado?!) but $5 for fast food goes against every cheap frugal bone in my body (and they're all pretty cheap frugal). I was especially tempted to skip the burrito once I realized Del Taco lets you add avocado to any item for only 30 cents.

Well, guess what?

It was worth the cost.

It turns out that the Del Taco Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito is HUGE!

Do you see how the enormous burrito dwarfs the soda? And that was a massive soda!

I tried to eat the entire thing (so delicious!) but it was more burrito than humanly possible. I saved half of it for lunch the next day. Here it is, in what is surely the most boring photo on all the internet:

It still looks humongous.

Also, does my office have the cleanest break-room fridge you've ever seen?

Another 'also', as now I'm on a roll, is that I highly recommend putting half your Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito in the fridge, even if you are somehow able to eat the whole giant thing all at once. I didn't reheat it and it turns out that it tastes even better cold.

Hmmm...then perhaps the recommendation should be to put the entire burrito in the fridge...

Is it Albuquerque or Everywhere?

Monday, June 15

Albertsons grocery store

Despite their marketing claim of "3s a crowd", there were only 2 cashiers open at Albertsons, resulting in a choice between a long line and a slightly longer line. I opted for the latter, as it was the express lane. You know those stereotypical seniors who ramble on about everything, Grandpa-Simpson style, just to have someone to talk to? That was the express lane cashier.

My ice cream was frozen when I put it on the conveyor, and melted by the time it rejoined the basket. Yes, I do like ice cream. No, I do not want to discuss the other flavor options I passed up or how I decided upon this one. That's a great story about how you won at the casino last year even though you hadn't been paying attention to the slot machine as you played because it was only $20 worth of quarters which you'd happened to be carrying and were just happy to be able to get rid of because of their weight in your pocket and I can believe you were caught speechless when you realized the bells and whistles were directed at you. It was also a great story when I heard you tell it to the 4 people in line ahead of me in the express lane.

I informed the cashier that I would like to use my gift card. "Do you want to use it toward the entire purchase or just to make a partial payment?"

I opted to apply the entire $2.49.

Tuesday, June 16

Albertsons grocery store

The cashier was suddenly upset with me. My coupon was expired. It was so upsetting that it drove her to swear.

12/31/16. She was certain the date had already passed.

I informed the cashier that I would like to use my gift card. "Well is it an Albertsons gift card?"

So much for my diabolical plan to pay for groceries with my Taco Bell card. Foiled again!

Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day

Sexy Nerd and I are the worst aunt and uncle in the world. The last time we saw our little niece (10 months ago?) she wanted nothing to do with us, which is understandable since we never, ever spend any time with her. Truth be told, as childless thirty-somethings, we were probably more scared of her than she was of us. I tried to win her over by sitting to watch Aladdin, but my presence in the room was too much. She didn't want to watch a movie if I was also going to watch it. Sexy Nerd was zero help, declaring it a hopeless effort to get to know his niece and saying that maybe things will be easier when she's older.

 Maybe we can bribe her with some McDonalds? Kids still love McDonalds...right?

I brought the issue up again yesterday, stressing to Sexy Nerd that we really should make more of an effort, and that it's only going to be harder the longer we wait to get involved. He explained his feelings, in complete seriousness, as follows:

It's hard to be around kids. Like, if someone wants me to watch their dog, I feel perfectly comfortable around someone else's dog. But if they want me to watch their kid, it's different.

Wow, Sexy Nerd. Just wow.

Random Phone Photos, Displayed Randomly

So, I went to see Ira Glass speak at Popejoy Hall. He was excellent, but the highlight of the day had to be the man standing in line ahead of me for the parking shuttle.

Why, yes, that is the most professional-looking shirt with pigeons that I've ever seen.

There is the teensiest baby bunny living in the parking lot at my office!!! I was a minute late clocking in (I'm never late) because I spent so much time adoring him.

Don't leave your To Do list where Sexy Nerd can find it. 

I was able to cross everything off in a single day of errand-running...except that. It's the wrong time of year, Sexy Nerd.

Thank goodness (for both of us!) that my window wasn't rolled down.

 This bird will not leave my car alone. He flies up to it as soon as I park and spends most of the day admiring his reflection in the mirror and tinted window. Apparently, my office has morphed into some sort of wildlife habitat.

He's cute, but there's poop everywhere. Oh, the nightmare of the pooping. You can clean it off all you want, but you know he's just going to come hang out on the car again tomorrow.
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