DIY Shoes Idea

Shoe makeover!

Darn you, Gold Buckle!I'm not a pilgrim.

 Hmmm, which one to choose?

(You're enjoying this narrative, right?)
Boring on the back...
 Sparkly on the front!
Ta da! Like Dorothy, only pink and with some self control.

That weird little string is still inside the shoes. Does anyone know what that's for? Surely, it's a sign of a quality pair of luxury shoes.


You do all your blogging in your pajamas too. Admit it.
Side note: Aren't fuzzy slipper socks the greatest?

 Geez! Next to Pica, my size 8.5 feet look freakishly small. Did I ever tell you she is supposed to be a miniature Jack Russell? I guess Pica didn't get the memo.

I'm not sure whether the girls at work are going to like my sparkly shoes or make fun of me. I think my shoes look fun! The women I work with aren't the type to put nail polish on their ugly gold buckled shoes though. They probably wouldn't have bought the shoes in the first place, even though they were only $5!

Surely, after seeing the wonders of a nailpolish makeover, they will all ditch their $60 a pair shoe habits and join me rummaging through the clearance bin.


Waterfall House - Flipped!

Remember the waterfall house we nearly bought? The one with the bat skeleton and huge hunk of mountainside in the living room? At around $270,000 in our dream neighborhood, I thought it was a great investment opportunity. Sexy Nerd, however, thought it was a money pit.

Today, it is listed online for almost $600,000.


The infamous waterfall, now dewatered and stuffed with fake flowers.

The sagging balcony/roof, which was the deal-breaker for us, is still as saggy as ever.

All of this used to be open to the 1st floor, below. I understand the genius in closing it off from an investment standpoint, but it had looked sooo bright and airy when everything was open!

Darn you, Sexy Nerd.

(And also MWAH! I can't stay mad at you, my love.)

A Special Treat

A special treat for a very special dog.

(We've tried to stop her from doing this in the past, but Pica remembers and searches for them until next time!)

Doggy Day Job?

At work a while back, I needed to access an old Qwest bill. However, the Qwest website was turning what I'd expected to be a simple task into a major chore. I selected the button marked ONLINE CHAT and was pleased to be instantly connected. To prove I was indeed the account owner, I told the representative my name, account number, and billing zip code, as requested. Okay, truth be told, my boss is the account holder, and I provided all of their information. It's part of the job! A few minutes passed.
"To verify your identity, what is the answer to your secret account question?" what? Usually, I'm asked a specific question, such as the street you (my boss) grew up on. I inquired as to what the secret account question was. Another pause.

"If you cannot answer your secret account question, instructions for resetting your online password can be mailed to you."

I asked again WHAT IS THE QUESTION?! I was sure I could answer the question, if only I knew what it was. I'd expected this to be easy, but now we were almost 10 minutes in. I just needed an old bill!

No response. I wrote a few common question/answer combinations that I thought it might be. Mother's maiden name. Favorite flower. Make and model of first car. I know my boss waaay too well. More waiting for the Qwest representative. Finally, they replied.

"It appears that this account has not been set up with a security question."

I wasn't at home during this online chat session. Is this what Biscuit does all day? It's the best explanation I can come up with.
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