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60 Favorite Wallpaper Ideas and Designs

I fell down the rabbit hole this morning, clicking a wallpaper link in my digital copy of House Beautiful and scrolling through dozens, maybe hundreds (thousands?) of pages. It was around 9 am when I started and was close to 4 pm when I finished. This was a problem for two reasons. I actually had things to do today. Lots of things.Our new house won't be ready until at least July. I'm not in the market for wallpaper. A few hours into my neverending search, it occurred to me that it wasn't really wasting time if I shared my favorites here on my blog. Yes, I was totally being productive! Don't let the pajamas fool you.
I love wallpaper. Here's a photo of the wallpaper mural in our current dining room. It completely transformed the room.
Here are the wallpapers that caught my eye, all from Wallpaper Direct. This is not a sponsored post. No affiliate links or sales commissions; just justification for an otherwise wasted Tuesday. Most of these are perfect for a rustic, mo…