No More Sexy Nerds Jumping On The Bed...

 ***UPDATE: Amerisleep has started a new referral program. If you order your mattress through this link, you'll save an additional $50 on top of other discounts and specials!!!***

...Because One Fell Down And Bumped His Head.

Have you heard of Amerisleep? Sexy Nerd and I finally replaced our crummy (and lumpy! and saggy!) old (but not old enough that it should need replacing) rip-off Simmons (BLECH!!!) mattress and are loving our new Amerisleep memory foam mattress.

Yeah, we have a little bitterness toward Simmons. Can you tell?

We were hesitant about ordering a mattress online without being able to test it, but were reassured by all the Amerisleep reviews I read boasting their quality products and top-notch customer service. I spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with Amerisleep representatives and they never seemed to mind my many (many!) questions. I loved how enthusiastic they were about their mattresses. When I researched Simmons online, all I saw were complaints from other people who had been scammed (why, oh why, didn't I do my research before making my purchase?) but my Amerisleep Googling revealed dozens of happy customers.

"I look forward to hearing how much you love your new bed!!" is the personal email I received after placing my order. A great sign.

The following week, our Liberty Bed mattress arrived...

The box was bigger than Sexy Nerd! I do recommend this mattress. I also recommend that you have a second person to help you move it to the bedroom, especially when that means hauling it upstairs, like us.

Sexy Nerd claimed he could have moved the mattress on his own. He "just didn't want to". Yeah.

Pica was hunting the mysterious black bag in our bedroom.
It seemed wise to stop her from attacking it.

Biscuit wouldn't even enter the room.


Sexy Nerd was very careful when cutting the plastic off of our new mattress. He had to be, with yours truly jumping around and saying "Careful! Don't cut the mattress! Are you being careful? Oooooh, be careful!"

The mattress began expanding even faster than we'd expected. Plan to cut that black plastic away quickly.

Amerisleep mattresses must be freed!

It expanded this much in about a minute. Cool, right?

The mattress kept growing and growing!

There was still more plastic to remove before our new mattress was ready.
(And more expanding!)

At first, we were surprised by the amount of plastic. Really though, if it weren't for all that plastic, might a rogue mattress start expanding on the shipping truck?

FedEx and UPS would not be happy.


No more waking up with back pain for this Sexy Nerd.

What did Pica, who was sooo excited about our new mattress, think of it? Don't know.
She isn't allowed on the bed.

Amerisleep claims their mattresses are equal to Tempur-Pedic, but for a lot less money. We have been sleeping on our new Liberty Bed for several weeks now and I agree. As far as we can tell, there's no difference between this and the Tempur-Pedics we tested in-store. Anyone can say their mattress is as good as Tempur-Pedic though. There seemed like there must be a way to prove this.

You know those fancy commercials where the person jumps on the Tempur-Pedic mattress and the wine glass doesn't tip over?

Sexy Nerd, BTW, enjoyed this very much!

If you've been wanting a new mattress of your own and have any questions, I'm happy to help.


We've now owned our Liberty Bed mattress for more than 3 years and are completely happy with it. Sexy Nerd says it's perfect in every way. It hasn't had any problems with sagging (unlike our piece of garbage Simmons Beautyrest, which this had to replace) and it doesn't get too hot, which I've heard is a common problem with memory foam mattresses. My favorite thing about it is there is absolutely no transfer of motion, meaning I can continue sleeping when Sexy Nerd gets up for work at 5am (and he can sleep through the tossing and turning of my idiopathic insomnia). We're getting ready to break ground on our custom dream home and are planning to purchase Amerisleep mattresses exclusively for the bedrooms.


Amerisleep has started a new referral program. If you order your mattress through this link, you'll save an additional $50 on top of other discounts and specials!!!***
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