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I've received many emails from readers who are considering ordering an Amerisleep mattress. It's funny because I don't actually work for the company (never have) yet I've become sort of a brand ambassador because of the review I posted here on my blog. Rather than keep responding to the same questions individually, it seemed like a smart idea to post the questions and answers here. If you think of a new question, please feel free to send me an email. I love to hear from my blog readers!

And, speaking as the self-proclaimed, unofficial Amerisleep ambassador, if my discount link or anyone over at Amerisleep gives you any trouble, just let me know and I'll ruffle some feathers. Muah ha ha! (evil laugh)

Okay, there's a slight possibility this "unofficial brand ambassador" thing might be going to my head...

amerisleep versus tempurpedic
 Tempur-Pedic would have you believe only their mattress can pass the wine glass test, but Amerisleep has them matched!

Amerisleep FAQs

1. Do you still like your Amerisleep mattress?

   Yes, Sexy Nerd and I both love our mattress. We purchased a king-size Liberty bed from Amerisleep in January, 2012 and it still seems exactly like new, even all these years later. There is no sagging anywhere, which is great for me because when Sexy Nerd gets out of bed around 5 am (crazy, right?), I enjoy stretching out in the center and taking up the entire mattress. I'm a weird sleeper like that. With our old mattress, a Simmons Beautyrest that was HORRIBLE, I was unable to sleep in the center because soon after purchasing it, there were 2 deep, firm divots in the mattress from where each of us typically slept. The poor service we received from Simmons was actually the catalyst for posting my original Amerisleep review.

2. Do Amerisleep mattresses sleep hot?

   Although a common problem with memory foam mattresses is the retention of body heat, Amerisleep has avoided this problem through an open-cell design and the use of Celliant technology. This improves temperature regulation and has been clinically proven to improve sleep.

   After reading memory foam mattress reviews online before making our purchase, I expected that the mattress would become more firm or more soft based on the temperature of our bedroom and that it might even be uncomfortably hot during the summer. However, that hasn't been the case at all, which was a nice surprise. We keep our house super-cold in the winter. (Think I'm exaggerating? Here's a photo of our dogs wearing earmuffs.) We keep our house super-warm during the summer, in the 80s. The mattress feels great year-round. I'm not sure, but part of this might be the sheets. I haven't slept on our mattress without sheets, so I'm not sure if having that buffer makes a difference.

   I hope this isn't TMI, but our Simmons Beautyrest had big, embarrassing sweat stains from where we slept each night...especially on my side! We've used our Amerisleep mattress more than twice as long and it is completely stain-free. If that doesn't prove that it doesn't get hot, I don't know what will.

3. Do Amerisleep mattresses smell?

   An unpleasant odor, of "off-gassing", is a common complaint of memory foam mattresses. Amerisleep has solved this problem by using plant-based materials and organic, eco-friendly production methods, resulting in a healthier mattress for you and the planet. Customers can enjoy their new mattress the same day they unwrap it.

   This was actually another pleasant surprise. I'm sensitive to chemical smells and worried about how long the "off-gassing" period would be. I expected that the mattress would give me a pounding headache if used right away, similar to the reaction I have when someone wears too much perfume (which, to me, is any perfume). My plan was to sleep in a separate room for at least the first few nights after unwrapping/expanding our new Liberty bed. I'd even read online about other memory foam mattresses being kept in the garage for weeks after being opened because the smell was so bad. However, our mattress seemed just fine when we first received it and, sure enough, I woke up without any head discomfort after the very first night. 

4. What's the best thing about your Amerisleep mattress?
   Sexy Nerd says it's that he no longer wakes up with back pain, which was a huge problem with our old mattress. Whenever we travel or he goes on a business trip, he always looks forward to coming home to sleep our mattress, no matter how luxurious the hotel accommodations have been. For me, the best part has to do with the wine glass photo above - no transfer of motion! As a lifelong sufferer of idiopathic insomnia, I'm an extremely light sleeper. When Sexy Nerd moves or gets out of bed, our mattress stays put.

5. Would you recommend an Amerisleep mattress to a friend?

  I actually know a few friends and family members who have purchased an Amerisleep mattress since we started recommending them in 2012. I've never met anyone (or heard from anyone via email) who had a single complaint. Wait, I take that back. A few years ago (2014?) a blog reader did email me because it seemed like their mattress was taking a long time to ship. I agreed and contacted Amerisleep on their behalf. Their new bed went out later that same day and I've never heard of any shipping delays since.

   That has been the only time I've heard of someone having an Amerisleep problem. I was ready for the power to go to my head! Rats.

6. Is an Amerisleep mattress worth the extra cost?
   Although I do believe our mattress is worth the so-called "extra cost", I think it's important to note that it really isn't more expensive than other mattresses, especially if you purchase it on sale. It's certainly less pricey than Temper-Pedic, which I think is essentially the same mattress sold under a fancy label.

   Our Amerisleep Liberty mattress cost less than our Simmons Beautyrest and was a much better value because it has lasted so much longer. We paid almost $1,500 for our Simmons mattress and were ready to list it on Craigslist within a year, not that we had much luck with the deep grooves running through it, not to mention neck and back pain after every night. More than six years later, our Amerisleep mattress is still like-new. I have photos to prove it.

   There have also been many Amerisleep wannabees sprouting up online lately, such as Casper, Leesa, Saatva, etc., claiming to sell a comparable product at a lower price. I've had the pleasure/displeasure of testing a few of these and they kind of tick me off. You'd think this would be a case of "you get what you pay for", but most of these other mattresses are around the same price as Amerisleep anyway. Based on our experience since 2012, I firmly believe an Amerisleep mattress is comparable to a Tempur-Pedic. None of the other mail-order mattresses even try to live up to this quality. Here are a few of my personal experiences with other mattress brands:

casper versus amerisleep
My Casper review = a throwaway memory foam mattress

I've written about our Liberty Bed firsthand and have speculated on some of the competition here on my site. It has always seemed to me like Amerisleep is an inexpensive alternative to Tempurpedic, while the other brands that have popped up online lately are more of a cheap, short-term solution for apartment living. They have a warranty, but that doesn't do you any good if the company is out of business next year. Still, I've wondered if maybe memory foam is just memory foam and all of these competitors are actually the exact same thing. Well, guess what? I was able to test out a Casper bed when I visited Washington DC last week and was shocked by the difference.

My Casper Review

It's hard to explain, but there were no "memory foam" qualities to the Casper mattress. It was soft, like the pillowtop portion of our old Simmons Beautyrest, where you just sink right in wherever pressure is applied. Ours, by comparison, supports your body, whether you're sitting on the edge of the bed with your legs dangling, are propped up with pillows to watch TV, or are dozing off. You don't just fall in, like with the Casper. This isn't necessarily a dealbreaker for Casper, especially if you fit their target audience of someone looking for a cheap, short-term solution, but I just could not believe how much I preferred our Liberty Bed. It is so much better! I actually got into a little discussion about it at the store, with myself...out loud. They're used to that at West Elm, right? My in-store theory was that the Casper must be especially soft and unsupportive because so many people have tested it. Thinking about it later though, that must just be how the mattress is. The display looked new, plus with ours, it doesn't matter that we've been sleeping on it forever. The wear and tear of daily use isn't breaking it down.

Sleep Number VS Amerisleep: A Comparison

sleep number versus amerisleep

My Sleep Number Review

In March of 2017, I participated in a sleep study. I knew in advance my room would be equipped with a Sleep Number bed. I'd been looking forward to testing it out and possibly reviewing it for my site, but the mattress must have somehow known where my loyalty lies and that I've badmouthed Sleep Number in the past (their warranty is terrible, which I think shows a lack of faith in their product), because mine didn't seem to work. I'd press the Up button once and the numbers would jump all the way to the top; Down and I was suddenly at the lowest setting. Despite these drastic changes, whenever I checked the Sleep Number remote, it was always on 35. I never did figure out what the 40 is supposed to do, if anything. It looks like a button, right?

7. Is there anything else I should consider before ordering an Amerisleep mattress?

   Never underestimate the importance of customer service. I have probably emailed Amerisleep dozens of times over the past several years, first with questions before ordering my mattress, and later with questions from my blog readers. Everyone I've interacted with at Amerisleep has been helpful and professional. Even the CEO, Firas Kittaneh, has taken the time to personally write to me! I highly recommend them. With our last mattress, a king-size Simmons Beautyrest we purchased new for an obscene amount of money, we thought we were investing in a quality product from a reputable company. However, when our expensive mattress turned out to be defective, it was almost impossible to reach customer service. When we finally did, Simmons would not honor our warranty. Although they acknowledged our mattress was clearly defective, they said the warranty was voided when one corner of the mattress got scuffed moving into our new house. They even acknowledged that the scuff was merely cosmetic and couldn't possibly have any impact on our mattress! You can imagine our frustration. Now, I hate Simmons. They are my nemesis.

So, now you know why we love our Amerisleep mattress so much. If you've enjoyed my blog and you know someone in the market for a new mattress, I'd love for you to share this with your friends, family, and coworkers. Come to think of it, especially share it with your family - you don't want to visit and get stuck on their Simmons Beautyrest in the guest bedroom!

UPDATE: Since buying our mattress in January, 2012, Amerisleep has started a new referral program. If you order your mattress through my link, you'll save an additional $50 on top of other discounts and specials. Thank you so much!

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