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Our Dream Home

We've finally broken ground on our dream home! Can you believe it? (You can follow our construction progress here, along with lots of construction drama - the neighbors building their fence on our property, discovering we'd placed our house on a bunch of expensive rocks, our concrete footings being destroyed by a freak hail storm, etc.) Even more surprising than finally building the house we've dreamed of for years, we actually managed to work a good chunk of our ridiculous wish list into the actual design.

Construction is finished! It took longer than expected and cost more too (that's how construction works, right?), but we are finally living in our mountain dream home and it's even better than I'd hoped! Here is a photo of our new kitchen and living room. 
Our Dream Home Believe it or not, our budget was meager. Really! My husband built the coffee table from an olive trunk and did the thin brick backsplash himself. Eventually, he's going to take the…

How to Throw a Fathers Day Party

This is a Father's Day re-post, full of fun and yummy ideas for your own Father's Day get together. Enjoy!

We played host at an impromptu Father's Day party yesterday for my parents, brother, and sister-in-law.

You might remember seeing my dad and brother mentioned on my site before. They're a little bit awkward.

Our kitchen, almost ready to party.

(Not shown: A pre-photo shoving frenzy of knick-knacks anywhere and everywhere out of sight. I can never find anything after I "clean" the house.)
Sexy Nerd gathered some flowers from our backyard, eventually. Every time company is coming over, without fail, he lounges around lazily while I frantically cook/clean/decorate/panic. I get mad at him, he's bewildered with no idea what's wrong, then he finally, FINALLY helps get things ready.
It's our own little party tradition.
The half wall dividing our living and dining rooms served as a convenient beverage station.
But something was missing...
Oh, I know!

Kids are Repulsive. Repulsive!

I did something stupid at work on Friday. Someone forgot their sippy cup of milk in the waiting room of our pediatric dental office. I placed it on our Lost and Found shelf, thinking I would throw it out if no one came for it by that afternoon. 

Then, I forgot all about it.
It was a hot weekend here in Albuquerque and we leave our air conditioning turned off when the office is closed. I knew the sippy cup of milk was going to smell, but it was so much worse than I'd ever imagined.
Instead of just a cup of sour milk, I entered our office today to find this horrible, milk-jelly. Not only was it stuck to everything, it was dripping down the edge of the shelf and onto the carpet below. Apparently, the rotting dairy forced the pressure to build up inside the cup, oozing the liquid out the top. 

Seeing this should have been a warning, right? But no! 

I picked the funky sippy cup right up - and the lid burst. You guys, that putrid, forgotten baby milk was all over me. I'm traumatized. As …

The Impossible Task of Photo Sorting

A few years ago, I backed up my millions of photo and video files on a flash drive. I was glad I'd planned ahead...until I actually needed the files and discovered the flash drive had removed all the details! The files were still there, but instead of carefully sorted folders and file names, now they're all in one giant mishmash folder with names like T58146297, unable to be sorted by date. Oh, and the flash drive disaster created multiple copies of the same file in multiple sizes with multiple names.


Today I'm finally making an attempt to organize the files again. It's a slow process, partly because everything is so jumbled, but mostly because I'm easily distracted. I haven't looked at these photos in years!
With my BFF in 2008, who I haven't seen since that same year. She's a successful actress in London and when we went to London a few years ago, she was visiting the USA. Ack!
I was a muddy bride.
 My brother and I in the Seychelles, clearly app…

Stucco, Tile, and Maybe a Roof. Oh, and a Tractor!

Construction has been delayed (surprise, surprise) for quite some time due to our local utility company, PNM, refusing to do their job. This has meant deep, open trenches and sky-high mountains of dirt blocking the path to our house. No one has been able to do any work, interior or exterior.

Somehow, Sexy Nerd and I still managed to get inside without any trouble. We were even able to move in a long, cumbersome vanity for the guest bathroom, as well as all of the cabinets Sexy Nerd built for my closet (a ton of cabinets...I may have gotten carried away), even though every member of the construction crew was helpless to access the house until PNM arrived. Weird how that works, isn't it?

Not to complain though, because guess what? PNM has finally come and gone and the trenches have been filled!

After So beautiful.
Before Ack! If I'd started with this hideous photo, in typical Before & After fashion, you never would have clicked the link to this kick-@ss blog post. You're welcom…