Amerisleep Mattress Testimonials

I received an email from a blog reader earlier this afternoon thanking me for helping them decide which Amerisleep mattress to buy. I've been blogging for years (an entire decade?? That can't be right...) and it's easy to fall into the belief that no one reads any of this except for me. Then, a random email shows up unexpectedly and makes my day. Thank you so much, bloggy friends!

I've bit a bit down lately - our house has been on the market just under 3 weeks and our third offer fell apart today because the buyer's realtor is an idiot. (Okay, that's really not very nice of me. The buyer's realtor is...not very good at their job. Better?) (Oh! And if the deal would have somehow been salvaged despite their colossal error, we would have been forced to pay that same realtor almost $9,000. Crazy, right? I'm getting off topic though.) The email today perked up my spirits and got me thinking about all the nice messages I've received. I looked back through them and found lots of little tidbits that would be helpful to other readers looking to upgrade their sleeping situation. Below are a few Amerisleep mattress reviews blog readers have sent me after reading my own testimonials here on my site:

Here's some photos. Excuse the lack of a bed frame, still waiting on that... Maybe it's a new thing, maybe not, but they include that little box cutter to prevent people from slicing their mattress when they cut open the plastic. Of course I didn't even notice until after the sheets and comforter were already on the bed.

Thanks again.

Amerisleep mattresses include a free box cutter so you don't damage your new bed.
Let's call this photo "Free Gift with Amerisleep Purchase." ;)

I had no idea about that little box cutter until Mike told me. I wonder if the part of my original review about me jumping around and having a minor freakout about my husband almost slicing into our brand-new mattress may have had something to do with that. Nice touch, Amerisleep! 

Also, his email had the subject line "Just Ordered an Amerisleep AS2! Super Excited!" Nice touch, Mike!

amerisleep mattress review with photos
The AS2 Bed wants to be free! Can you believe it starts out so wimpy and grows into such a thick mattress? Amerisleep reminds me of those little animal sponges you used to get as a kid that would expand in water and always leave you disappointed.

It's not like I was expecting them to turn into real animals, of course...although that is exactly what the package told me was going to happen...

Also, do not add water to your Amerisleep mattress. 

amerisleep before and after
The AS2 mattress looks super skinny! The photo above prompted me to Google comparison charts (here's a great one) to see how Mike's AS2 compares to my AS3. Surprise - they're both 12" thick!

Let's see the AS2 and AS3 side by side:

compare as2 and as3 beds side by side
That's Mike's brand-new AS2 mattress over on the left and my 5 1/2-year-old AS3, formerly known as the Liberty, on the right. The Amerisleep website was clearly lying to me or they've drastically changed the design of my mattress since I've purchased it, right? Forget 12". Mine must be 24"!

I dropped everything to go measure my bed. Really.

How has the mattress changed in 5 years?
Huh. It's exactly 12", just like Amerisleep said it would be. You know what this means, right?

That my mattress is holding up perfectly after more than 5 years of heavy use.

But also...

This Amerisleep reviewer is ready for Halloween.
You were too excited about your new mattress, Mike! IT WASN'T EVEN CLOSE TO DONE EXPANDING YET AND YOU'D ALREADY MADE THE BED!
Oh, Mike. *smh* 


Look at those pillows!! Mike??

He's a mechanical engineer, just like my SN. I'm trying to decide if my husband would laugh and know I'm just joking around when he reads this review...or if he would be mad. He is sort of a grump. Not my good buddy Mike though. (Fingers crossed.)

Here is another Amerisleep review...well, sort of. It's a glowing review in a roundabout way:

I actually went to visit the parents after we spoke and they had just bought a new mattress for Loom and Leaf. I only slept on it for a week, but I slept well. I ended up ordering the Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress. I've enjoyed it ever since, with the exception of one thing. It sleeps a little warm for me in the summer, and though I live in the Pacific Northwest our summers have been hitting the 90s more and more. Makes for an uncomfortable night. 

Hope all works out well with your new mattresses! I'm definitely going to keep Amerisleep in mind, though, as I am considering getting a queen in the next year.  I have even recommended it because of what you said (so glad I'm not the only person daunted my mattress shopping!).  I'll be sure to check your blog when it comes to decision time :)

To a good night's sleep,

Thank you, Sarah. Amerisleep does not sleep hot, BTW. (Just had to throw that in there!)

Last, but certainly not least, is an email from Paul. I shared a review from him here on my blog back when he first ordered his Revere Bed (now known as the AS2) last year. His new review cracks me up, just like his last one did:

Janet and I absolutely LOVE our mattress! It has made such a difference in our ability to get a good night's rest. It's really great for other bedtime activities, too. ; )  

(Oh my goodness, Paul!)

As we get older we find we need more room, so the king-size Amerisleep mattress makes it possible for us to get in and out of bed without waking the other. 
Our shipment arrived much sooner than expected, and even though I was skeptical about how a mattress could fit in a box, the whole setup process was pretty easy. If anyone is unsure, I can tell you I am 100% satisfied with my mattress. Sorry I don't have any pictures to share.
Thanks for your reviews, because they convinced us to make our purchase last winter, right after Thanksgiving. We got a great deal and couldn't be happier.
Paul & Janet
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