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Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Smoke Detectors (and Husbands) Are Jerks

I've been neglecting my To Do list. I had the day off from work and was going to get everything done - blog updates, exercise, bathing our stinky dogs (their last bath was in the old house before we even put it on the market), meal prep, and more. Everything.  Then, I sat down for a late lunch and decided to check out the first episode of a show I'd heard so much about, The Handmaid's Tale. I'm not a big TV watcher and didn't expect to tune in for more than maybe 15 minutes. Eight nonstop hours later and well past bedtime, I pulled myself away. I hadn't even paused to have dinner. Sexy Nerd would probably have stopped me sooner,   but he was in California on a business trip. Alone in our new house in the woods, I got in bed and tried to clear my mind of all the creepy, graphic stuff from the show . (Spoiler alert - like the forced removal of a healthy eye. LOVE The Handmaid's Tale, by the way.) I was nearly asleep in the dark, quiet room when a shril

Politicizing Animal Cruelty

5/10/18 Update: I discussed this with SN, who has not seen the groundhog video, and his opinion was that there are more important problems in the world and that making a big deal about this won't make any difference. I disagree. Maybe (okay, obviously) there is nothing that can be done for this particular groundhog, but public outrage can lead to better animal cruelty laws in the future. As SN says, the police officer may have been morally wrong but not legally wrong. Well, just throwing up our hands and saying there's nothing we can do will do nothing to prevent this same thing from happening again in the future. We know the problem exists, so let's at least try to fix it. To some people, this will sound stupid, but I watched the viral video on Facebook of that poor, frightened groundhog more than an hour ago and I am still so angry I want to scream. Actually, I have been screaming. There are so many people saying it's no different than roadkill. You don't i