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Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Taos Summer Wine Festival 2018

We are counting down the days until the luxurious 2018 Taos Summer Wine Festival. Less than 3 hours from Albuquerque, it was easily the most fun event SN and I attended in 2017, which included adventures in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Texas, and we've been looking forward to the next one ever since. Heck, I'm already looking forward to Taos Wine, 2019! Plus, we will soon know if they decided to go with my poster submission: Probably, right? The event organizers (shoutout to the amazing Cecilia Cuff) have provided two free Saturday passes for me to give away to a lucky blog reader. Think of it as winning...

Hot Tub Cartoon

I think we might be overdue for another installment of my comic strip , LambAround. The last one was published more than eight years ago! So much for turning it into a weekly series. This site isn't even called LambAround anymore. Perhaps this is the KittyAround comic?  Let's call this one hot tub cartoon . An alternate name could be The One Where You See Kitty Deschanel and Sexy Nerd Naked. It's not like it's a new thing for my blog, after those risqué photos I sent SN all those years ago. In my defense, these take forever to make when you have no artistic talent. Hot Tub Cartoon That made you smile. Admit it. Here's a version of my hot tub cartoon that's perfect for sharing online. (Hint, hint.)

How to Sleep Better - Amazon's 9 Best Sleep Products (Including 1 Freebie!)

Be sure to bookmark this page. As a lifelong insomniac, I am constantly on the lookout for things that can help me sleep. I will continue to add to this list whenever I find something new and highly rated and I will update this post with my own product experiences. My Amerisleep mattresses (AS3 initially, then a new AS2 when we moved, then back to our original AS3) have already made a major difference in the quality of my sleep, so I know investing in sleep can help. Here are the top-rated products to help you sleep better, all sold by the world's largest retailer. No, wine is not on the list - contrary to popular belief, a glass of alcohol (or several glasses) is not beneficial for improving the quality of your sleep. Darn! Best Eye Mask for Better Sleep Alaska Bear Sleep Mask You don't think of an eye mask as something that could have a cult-like following. And how on earth does a sleep mask amass nearly 10,000 reviews? My guess is that the price has som

5 Free Wildlife Stops to Include on Your California Road Trip

SN and I have made a California road trip an annual tradition. Well, maybe not so much a road trip as a business trip . Isn't he sweet to let me tag along? Our journey usually takes us from Buellton, CA to Livermore, CA and back again. Over the years, we've stumbled upon a few can't-miss stops. If you're an animal lover like me, you'll want to be sure to add these to your To Do list for your next California vacation. Even better, each of these ideas is budget-friendly. How budget-friendly? You can enjoy the fun ideas on this list for free . Ah, no wonder visiting California always puts me in a great mood. California Must-See Free Attractions for Animal Lovers CA Road Trip Stop #1: The Beach I know what you're thinking. The beach? You're starting your list with the beach?! How lame. I have to include this though because  prior to last year , I never considered myself a beach person. The miserable heat and itchy sand and crowds, crowds, crowds,

Bathroom Remodel Photos

Here are some bathroom photos we love, saved while planning a renovation in our previous home. I collected all these randomly before I created a blog, so unfortunately I do not have any links to post with the photos. I don't think Houzz even existed when I saved these bathroom photos!  Most of them, and quite possibly all of them, are from the now-defunct HGTV's  Rate My Space . Remember that site? I would upload photos of our house, proud of my first-ever decorating attempts, and just about die when mean people left comments. People are jerks. If you know where any of these should link to, please let me know and I'll be happy to provide credit where credit is due or remove the photo. Now, onto the bathroom photos to inspire your next remodel! From a million years ago when I saved this post as a draft and forgot about it: I'm definitely leaning toward an all or mostly white bathroom, with lots of sparkly & shiny accents. However, sinc