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Gobble, gobble! Just in time for Thanksgiving, here are 36 foolproof Instant Pot recipes. Each has at least a 4.5 star rating and a minimum of 30 reviews. No Instant Pot? Treat yourself this Black Friday and use your Crock Pot in the meantime.

I Hope We Don't Win the Mega Millions Jackpot

It's a risky game I'm playing. With all the talk of the Mega Millions jackpot exceeding a billion dollars (and maybe even hitting two billion - crazy!), even my frugal-minded self couldn't resist the siren call of the lottery. I mean, how else am I ever going to have a shot at becoming a billionaire? (My husband was quick to point out that with hard work, anyone can become a billionaire and that it's still a possibility for us. Okay, Pollyanna. He sees the world through very rosy glasses indeed.) Like every American the last few days, I was instantly consumed with how I'll spend my theoretical winnings. I would take the annuity rather than a lump sum, which would be more than a million dollars per month for the next 29 years, after taxes. My future self, the billionaire, was going to use the money to hire someone to wallpaper our master bedroom . Heck, she was going to hire someone to wallpaper the entire house! She might even have replaced some of the tile on

10 Affordable Interior Design Upgrades You Can Do Today

When SN and I bought our first home in 2007, we loved that it had an open floor plan, a two car garage, and was on a large corner lot in a desirable part of Albuquerque. We also loved...well, that was about it. Ours was just another plain box in our cookie cutter neighborhood, featuring the same white walls and not much else as all our neighbors. We spent the next few years upgrading our home and, when we sold it last year, the result of our effort was a 4-way bidding war. We were just poor college kids back then. Here are a few of the affordable improvements we made. Budget Interior Design Idea #1 Swap out some of your mirrors. More photos of our Budget Master Bathroom Remodel See the fancy mirrors above? Everyone thinks they're from Ballard Designs. Ours are actually from Michaels, which marks all of their mirrors down 50% every few weeks. These were about $35 each. We followed this same design rule for the mirrors in our new luxury home , forgoing the exp

Now Accepting Paid Guest Blogging Submissions

Enjoy reading Kitty Deschanel? Now is your opportunity to write for one of your favorite blogs! Guest Blogging Benefits Make extra income. Unlike most websites that accept content from guest authors, allows one affiliate link per article. It's like placing your ad on my site, absolutely free. Gain backlinks to your website. You're on your way to the top (of Google), baby. Expand your audience and grow your brand awareness. Posts are shared with thousands through Twitter and Facebook. Content permitting, posts will also be shared via Pinterest and Instagram. Receive a "Featured On" badge for your portfolio. Guest Blogging Submission Guidelines Posts must be original, non-duplicated content. Don't tempt Google to penalize your site and mine with a rerun. You must have the rights to any photos, social share graphics, videos, infographics, etc. used in your post. Saving an image from Google does not make it yours. Stealing conten

Collard Greens Instant Pot Recipe

Mmmm, I'm eating the best lunch right now. It looks so indulgent, doesn't it? Side note: The beautiful table this plate is on? SN made it! I mean, not the trunk of the olive tree, obviously, but the rest of it. I really need to update my site with more New Home blog posts. He has been busy! Surprise - it's (almost) healthy! I cooked up a big batch of collard greens in the Instant Pot (lots of great IP collard green recipes online, plus my own below). You can also make them the conventional way, but I love that I can just throw everything in the Instant Pot and forget about it. Spread the cooked collards in the bottom of a baking dish, top with a layer of cottage cheese, then a layer of mozzarella, and finally top everything with slices of pepperoni. Broil it for a few minutes.  Collard Greens Instant Pot Recipe Southerners will probably cringe at my bastardized collard greens. Everyone else? Enjoy! Collard pizza lasagna? SO GOOD! Collard Greens Instan

Taos Summer Wine Festival Photos: Grand Tasting

The Taos Summer Wine Festival is our favorite event in the world, hands down. I don't care if you live in another country - this is worth traveling for! The New Mexico mountains are calling your name. Here's a taste of some of the fun you missed at the 2018 Grand Tasting event: Just follow this van for a good time. The live entertainment was so enthusiastic and had everyone dancing. I can't help wondering if the secret to their success lies with all those cans of Santa Fe Brewing beer!  Here's a funny story for you. SN and my dad were having a great time at the Taos Summer Wine Festival, but they lamented that the samples of beer were too small. I left the table and returned with two entire cans of beer for them, much to their astonishment.  "Oh, I just flirted with the vendor a little bit," I told them (COMPLETELY JOKING). The next time my dad went for samples, I told him to be sure to flirt. He pointed out