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Bad Mojo? Bugs Everywhere!

I work in a pediatric dental office. The other day, I was scheduling a patient for their 6-month checkup and the day I'd randomly selected happened to be their birthday. 
"Whoops! It seems like I always choose someone's birthday," I laughed. The patient smiled. The patient's mom? 
With a scowl, she asked, "Is that because you have bad karma?"
It's a weird thing to say, right? I've known this woman for years. I thought we were on good terms. Fast forward to today and it seems she may have been onto something. 
This morning, I ate a mini Twix at work. (Yes, in the morning. Yes, inside a dental office. Hi, my name is Kitty Deschanel and I'm a sugar-holic.) It was especially chocolatey on the bottom, which at first I just thought of as yay, lucky me. Do you see the problem here? I've devoured (and greedily hoarded/stupidly destroyed) a million of these things and none magically contain extra-chocolate.
It turns out it wasn't chocolate a…

Amerisleep AS3

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Back before anyone had ever heard of a mattress in a box, my husband and I purchased an Amerisleep AS3 in January, 2012. Our lives have changed so much since then. 

We've traveled the world and have slept on every kind of bed - but the AS3 is still our favorite mattress.

We've built our dream home and have ordered 3 additional Amerisleep beds - but the AS3 is still our favorite mattress.
Here's why: Amerisleep AS3So many Bed-in-a-Box choices! Why Choose Amerisleep?When we placed our order in early 2012, the Bed in a Box market didn't exist yet. In fact, when we told people we had purchased a mail order mattress, they thought we were nuts!
The success and popularity of Amerisleep paved the way for the explosion of online bed companies you see today. For this blog post, I started a list of all the different competi…

Come With Me to Santa Fe! Food, Luxury Homes, and Art

SN and I recently had the pleasure of attending the ARTsmart Art of Home tour in Santa Fe. Sponsored by Keller Williams Realty, it's an annual, free event that combines art from local galleries with luxury homes for sale. This year, the event fell on the same weekend as Santa Fe Restaurant Week, pairing two of my greatest loves, houses and food. How could we possibly resist?

If you're considering visiting New Mexico, be sure to add the ARTsmart Art of Home tour and Santa Fe Restaurant Week to your travel itinerary, if at all possible. We always drive up from Albuquerque for the Santa Fe Parade of Homes every summer, even though we think it's overpriced...but maybe not anymore because this was so much better.

At one of the homes, we were thanked because attending this event supports local school children...but probably only if you buy some artwork, right? And...we didn't. You know what will help set things right though? An awesome blog post to spread the word for ARTsmart…