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Foster a Dog (and Meet Bernadette!)

Want to  foster a dog ? Tips at the end of this post. Remember the other day when I shared that I'm a  Bernadette Peters  fan? Meet our silly goofball, Bernadette. Three dogs?! To be fair, one is only a foster dog...except we love her so much that we're adopting her!  Top: Bernadette's fearful "Before" photo, taken at the shelter Bottom: Bernadette's cheerful "After" photo, taken the day we brought her home Bernadette, originally named Tulip, had arrived at the shelter as a stray. She was so fearful that I was not able to pet her even once during the two hours we spent in her large pen at the Bernalillo County, NM shelter.  Her ears were down and her tail was tucked between her legs. She was exhausted from pacing in circles nonstop. The shelter gave us handfuls of treats to offer, but even these weren't enough to coax her to come near. SN and I both wondered if fostering her was a mistake. So what changed our mind? H

The (Gross) Joys of Dog Ownership

I thought Pica was bad, especially when she had tapeworms and earmites, but she can't compare to Biscuit. I have a funny dog story to outdo all the other funny dog stories. Actually, it's just plain gross. I was petting Biscuit and noticed a bump on her side. It looked like it might be a gross, doggy zit. Sexy Nerd thought it might be a tick, so we decided to try to remove it. We got the tweezers and  held Biscuit down .  Well, we were both wrong. Trigger may not want to read the next part...don't say I didn't try to stop you... It was some sort of creature that had burrowed into her skin! We pulled out a  big, grubby, stretchy, still-squirming WORM !  Yuck, yuck, yuck! Luckily, Biscuit is just about due for her rabies shot, so we're going to bring the worm with us to her appointment to make sure there isn't anything else we should be concerned about. Poor Biscuit! She actually didn't seem to notice at all. I did give her

The Greatest Dog Ever, Pica

Our little Pica puppy would have been 14 on October 19th, 2019. She seemed fine. I still can't believe it. She was a sickly puppy when she came to us, full of worms and ear mites. The veterinarian placed drops in Pica's ears, covered both sides, and shook her little head back and forth. When we got her, I was 21 and SN was 23. We were just kids back then. We were living in a rental house. Pica was there for all our biggest milestones, like graduating college, buying our first home, and getting married. We even built our new house with her in mind. She was having trouble navigating the stairs, so it's a single story. Pica and Biscuit have their own bedroom. Everything in our life is Pica. Even on our recent 3-week vacation, a day didn't go by that we didn't talk about her. Her little paws and her stubby tail and her spots. Her rolls of flab and her hairy mole and her floppy ears. Guess what? Pica butt. Pica has bee