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Come to the Edgewood Zoo with me!

Our last trip to the zoo together was so much fun. Today, let's visit Wildlife West in Edgewood, NM.
Did you remember to dress in layers, put on gobs of sunscreen, bring an oversized hat, wear comfortable shoes, and protect your eyes with big, dorky sunglasses?

The best thing about Wildlife West is that all of the animals are rescued. It's easy to see that they're all well cared for.

This poor guy has some stress!

A Bucket List of Crazy

I recently discovered and have been compiling a list of everything I hope to do in my lifetime. Some of my goals require planning, like finally finishing my novel, seeing Britney Spears perform in Las Vegas, and building our dream home. Others are easier to obtain, like flying a kite with my Sexy Nerd. I'd like you-know-who to write his own list. is great because it lets you see what other users have written, which can be a great source of inspiration, as well as amusement.

Amusement, I say? Here are some of the, errr..."unique" bucket list goals I've come across:

1. Wrestle a bear.
2. Beat a woman in an argument.
3. Prove everyone they were wrong about me.
(Let's hope they weren't doubting the bucket lister's grasp on English.)
4. Get suspended.
5. Flash my boobs on the Jerry Springer show.
6. See the State of Liberty.
(The what?)
7. Stop procrastining.
(Brought to you by the lister of #6, some would argue that taking the ti…

Not "Baaad" Sundays Blog Hop

Better late than never, right?
I'm feeling much better. I think my bummed-out mood was mostly caused by a weird health thing that happened last week (not that turning 30 wasn't kind of a bummer too though, but it's nothing a little cake and birthday freebies can't fix!)

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me

I've been depressed lately, which I know is stupid and doesn't make any sense, but I can't shake it. There was even a party for me at work yesterday and I couldn't enjoy it. Afterward, my coworker asked if I felt like I could burst into tears at the drop of a pin. I hadn't realized it was so obvious. Random, bad things in my life that normally wouldn't be a big deal have all been piling up. To top everything off, something ridiculous happened last week that has my hormones completely out of whack, making me feel like I'm not myself. It feels like I'm losing my mind. It's exactly what I didn't need right now.

But today, I'm 30.

Things are looking up.

Easter Nests Recipe

Easter is nearly here! Have you made Peeps Nests yet?

"Peep! Peep!" What You'll Need
(makes 10 super-cute Peeps nests)
7oz melted chocolate chips (approximately 1 1/4 cups)5oz Fiber One bran cereal (Chinese Noodles work fine as well, but they're terrible for you...unlike chocolate and Peeps!)10 Peeps chicks20-30 Jelly Beans Not a photo of worms in a bowl, I promise!

Combine the melted chocolate chips and the cereal. To melt the chocolate, I've found that microwaving it in a glass bowl on half power works well, stirring every 45 seconds. The 7oz were fully melted after about 3 minutes.
Such a healthy cereal, such an unhealthy use.
Then again, I might be looking at this all wrong. With all these nifty vitamins and minerals, surely these Peeps nests are good for me, right? No more multivitamins for this gal.
Behold, a healthy mound of chocolaty goodness.
An ice cream scoop makes these nests the perfect size, with very little mess, especially when dropped onto a silic…

Blog Hop! Blog Hop! Blog Hop!

It's almost my birthday (it's a big one!) and Sexy Nerd has agreed to put up with whatever I want to do. Soooo...what should I do?
So far, I've come up with 'lunch at Golden Corral' (he hates the Golden Corrals here in Albuquerque and never agrees to eat there.)
That sounds fun, but I think I may need to dream a little bigger!