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Your (Antisocial) Holiday Hostess With the Mostest

I was just scheduling one of our dental patients for December 21st, our last day in the office for 2018, and said we'll see them next week, then thought that couldn't possibly be right. December 21st is next week?! Where the heck has my year gone?

I'd better publish this post before it turns into Merry Thanksgivmas.

SN and I hosted Thanksgiving in our new home this year. Despite all our antisocial impulses (we're essentially hermits), we had a blast! Bring on the socializing! We went even bigger and better than last year's Thanksgiving, with seating place cards and everything.

Everything = Adorable turkey invitations
I've blacked out our personal information. As it is, I probably already share way too much personal stuff with you blog this.
I just searched my blog for "TMI" and expected to get 2 or 3 results. The scrolling went on forever.
Everything = Elegant printed menus
This is a great way to hold your guests to their potluck dishes, rathe…

Photos From Our Snowy Sunday at Home

We decorated our home for Christmas yesterday and woke up in a snowy winter wonderland today.

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite photo of Biscuit of all time.
Though this is a close second.