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Cute Puppy Photos

I have a disgusting (but hopefully also pretty cute) puppy story to share. 

In the photo below, 9-week old Olive was exploring the house and I was following her with my camera. She wandered into the pantry and became excited when she found a bin of plastic bags. Yipping and squirming, she pawed through them and knocked over a dustpan that was resting against the wall. "What are you doing?" I cooed, thinking this was really adorable.

I stopped taking photos. She was pooping.

(You really can't beat the convenience of having it right in the dustpan. Such a good, smart puppy!)

Now that you've suffered through that TMI story, here are some Olive photos to enjoy. I promise she's not doing anything inappropriate in any of them!

No More Adorable Nerds Jumping On the Bed...

...Because One Fell Down and Bumped His Head.

***Hilarious Update*** I've received an email from Amerisleep (on our 16-year anniversary, of all days) asking if I can please remove the word "S _ _ y" from this post, even though it has been fine for the last 8 years and even though that is my husband's name here on my site. See our dancing photo at the end of each page? That's right. This site is "Kitty Deschanel: A S _ _ y (Nerd) Lifestyle & Humor Blog," but that word is just too risqué for mattress shoppers. 

The Amerisleep approach to marketing
I'm sorry to have offended you, dear reader. Amerisleep has suggested I call my husband Adorable Nerd (really!) instead and I am running with it (and laughing my b _ _ t off). 🤣
I'm reposting this in honor of the 8 year anniversary of our mattress...which shockingly is still like-new. Long before anyone had heard of Casper or Purple or the million other knock offs, there was Amerisleep. This is our orig…

Slate Street Cafe and a Drunken Wardrobe Malfunction

I have an absurd story from New Year's Eve. Of course I do.

SN and I usually spend the evening at home, old fuddy duddys that we are, but we couldn't resist the special New Year's Eve dinner being offered at one of our favorite restaurants, Slate Street Cafe. It featured 5 courses, including Saffron & Sea Scallop Risotto, Duck & Porcini Ravioli, and a Pistachio-Crusted Lamb Chop, all with wine pairings.

It sounded like a fun time and an excellent excuse to dress up.

This vintage red dress makes my inner Rockette happy. It is the most sparkly thing I've ever owned in my life - perfect for New Year's Eve. The dress was a gift from my boss. Isn't she the best?
Also, my photographer loooves to take photos at an angle like this, despite my repeated pleas not to.

With moments to spare before leaving the house, we took photos in this corner of the living room because it was the only tidy place. Just ignore the clutter visible through the glass. 
2020 resolution = cl…

Amerisleep VS Casper Customer Service

1/13/19 Update:
I discovered the following investment advice in my email this morning, courtesy of Robinhood. I'm sharing it here as a cautionary warning to anyone who thinks Amerisleep and Casper are interchangeable. (FYI, Amerisleep has been in business since 2006 and Casper since 2014.) Casper is not currently profitable. If the worst happens, good luck getting a nonexistent company to honor your warranty or return.

Mattress unicorn Casper awakens for an IPO After a restful private sleep... direct-to-consumer mattress unicorn Casper wants to go public. While you munch açai (food health) after a yoga/spin-hybrid class (workout wellness), Casper thinks you forgot the 3rd pillar of the health/wellness trend: sleep. The self-proclaimed "pioneer of the sleep economy" cut out the middleman and basically put Mattress Firm out of business - so we jumped into its IPO paperwork. These numbers woke us up...Spoiler: Just like Lyft/Uber/Slack/Pinterest, Casper isn't profitable — …