The Best Jewelry for Your Face Shape

My friend, Ranji, has written a guest post. It's about selecting jewelry based on the shape of your face. I'd never considered that these two things might go together, but it makes sense, right? Just as your hair and makeup can work with or against the shape of your face, so can your jewelry. If I can use jewelry to make my round face look thinner, sign me up!

Speaking of jewelry, one of my all-time most popular blog posts involves my husband's wedding ring...breaking in half. Oops!
I don't even have my ears pierced!
Beauty Tips: How to Choose Unique Jewelry for Your Face Type
Guest Post from Ranji

Jewelry plays an important role in elevating every woman’s look. Be it casual nose jewelry, ear jewelry, or a stunning necklace, rendering an outfit with accessories becomes crucial for an overall classy look. No doubt jewelry is capable of enhancing one’s appearance effortlessly; it’s a little tricky to shop for it.

Many factors including style, adornments, color, face shape, et…

Beer + Pizza = Heaven(ly Village)

Be sure to check out Part One of this post, Have You Ever Attended a 'Vertical' Progressive Meal?

I want to start with a quick story. My husband and I attended a wine festival in the morning and a beer festival in the afternoon. The next day, we were walking down the hallway at our hotel and both spotted something on the floor up ahead. It was a pair of shorts. "Those are your shorts," he said. Yes, they were. I quickly gathered my discarded shorts from the communal space and returned them to our room. I may have been beet red.

In other words, the wine and beer festivals were a huge success.

(I'd been carrying the shorts in from the car and hadn't noticed I'd dropped them. It's a more entertaining tale without this little detail, but what would my Nana think if she read this? I bet you were alarmed for a moment there, just as my parents were when I told them this same story. It had sounded more funny, and less awkward, in my head.)

SN and I recently atten…

Have You Ever Attended a 'Vertical' Progressive Meal?

Be sure to check out Part Two of this post, Beer + Pizza = Heaven(ly Village)

I'm always insisting to my readers that certain events are worth traveling across the country for, such as the Taos Summer Wine Festival. Well, I finally took my own advice. Three missed days of work, two delayed flights from Albuquerque, and a peppy VW rental car later, I was glad I did. 

The Autumn Food and Wine Festival was on Saturday, September 21st. The Fall Ale Fest was also on Saturday, September 21st.

Faced with a wine festival on one side of Lake Tahoe and a beer festival on the other, I did what any sensible person would do. I drank my wine, then raced an hour south to indulge in bottomless, tiny glasses of beer. When it's a beautiful Saturday at Lake Tahoe (and you have a designated driver), why not attend both?

Now, for this post, you should really be in the beer-and-wine festival spirit. I highly recommend sipping a favorite wine or cold beer while you read. Ah, it's like you're rig…

Locked Out at Midnight in the Bad Part of Town

I am a cheap thrifty person. 

Okay, maybe it would be accurate to say that I'm right up along the very border of cheap. I'm not crossing the line though. Only my toes are over the line. 

I have a story to share from my college years. I was 18 and working as a Pizza Hut manager and there was a time when trying to save a few dollars put me in a dangerous situation. Okay, there were several times, but we're just going to focus on one for this blog post.
I had a coupon for a free car wash. The regular price was $4.99, so without the coupon there was no way I would ever be getting my car cleaned. My Alero wasn't that dirty and I didn't want to waste the coupon, so I put off the car wash until the day before my coupon expired. 

After leaving work and nearly midnight, I took my Alero through the automatic car wash. It was the last day before the specials changed at the grocery store, so after the thorough washing, I decided to drive next door to do a little grocery shopping b…

15 Fun Things to Do in Hobart, Tasmania

After our 2-week Tasmania road trip, I think we might move to Hobart one day. There are so many fun things to do! Just call us Tasmaniacs.

For this portion of our adventure, we hadn't picked up our rental car yet. Other than the need for an occasional Uber (the Hobart airport is much further away than we'd expected), we found Hobart to be a pleasantly walkable city, even in May.

Don't skip Tasmania when you visit Australia. Here is our complete guide to the best things to do in Hobart, plus a couple of places you can skip:

I'll start with everyone's favorite, the food. Food is what travel is all about, isn't it? If I could go back in time, I'd shake my younger self by the shoulders and say, You're on Vacation!Stop eating at McDonalds!

If your fondest vacation memories are of the things you ate, you can't miss the Salamanca Market. It's too amazing and drool-inducing to include here though. I've devoted an entire blog post to the Salamanca Market…