Gobble, gobble! Just in time for Thanksgiving, here are 36 foolproof Instant Pot recipes. Each has at least a 4.5 star rating and a minimum of 30 reviews. No Instant Pot? Treat yourself this Black Friday and use your Crock Pot in the meantime.

Thanksgiving Recipes for 2

Happy COVID-19 Thanksgiving! Like us, your holiday likely looks a bit different this year. I was initially disappointed that I wouldn't get to play hostess with the mostess to a large gathering of family, but that would be just like every other year. 2020 is special. When else will SN and I have the opportunity to have a romantic Thanksgiving meal, just the 2 of us? You know, other than that year we ditched everyone to take a cruise . That was a fun Thanksgiving too. 2020 Thanksgiving = no need to clean the house, no need to be limited to traditional foods, no need to travel, no need to make small talk with people you don't really like. (To any friends and family who are reading this, that last part was totally just a random example for my blog readers. I like you!) 2020 Thanksgiving = do whatever you want. Sleep in. Dress fancy or dress in your PJs. Invite the dogs to join you at the table. Watch Hocus Pocus, which SN has somehow never seen. WTH, SN? Our holiday? We're go

Sleep and Back Pain

In a move that has me feeling very old, today I'm sharing a guest post from Dr. Brent Wells, who is a chiropractor and member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians...because oh, my back.  I've been working from home (we're in another Covid lockdown!) and it turns out that my cute wooden chair from Anthropologie needs to be strictly decorative. Oops. What's the best sleep position for back pain? Which mattress relieves pain? Advice from the founder of Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab: Why Proper Sleep Posture Is Vital For Avoiding Back Pain Sleep is a necessity. Your time in bed is bringing you rest and relaxation. Sleep is supposed to give the body time to rest to prepare for the next day, but waking up with back pain makes each day more difficult than the next. Insomnia from back pain makes each day a struggle. All too often, back pain and discomfort is due to improper sleep posture. Like sitting and standing, the body can be negatively affec

Happy Halloween! Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

Here's a Halloween repost. The restaurant shared here, Scalo (our all-time favorite), has since closed (due to the owner's drug addiction, of all things) and reopened under new ownership. We've yet to stop by because of COVID-19 and because their prices have increased significantly. Scalo probably could have gotten us through the door for another evening of Halloween fun, but they don't seem to have anything planned for tonight. Sigh. ***** For the first time in the nearly 15 years we’ve been together, Sexy Nerd actually wore a Halloween costume.  His first instinct when I told him I’d picked the perfect couples costume for us was to be a grump , insisting that he couldn’t dress up because he had an important meeting with the Air Force that day and he was not willing to change his clothes. He wouldn’t even consider swapping one tie for a different tie. Oh, I know him so well. That’s exactly why I factored his fancy work clothes into the costume. How did I get my noto

More Than Beer at the (AMAZING!) NM Brew Fest

Update for 2020: We've been hoping all year that COVID wouldn't cancel the New Mexico Brew Fest, but of course it did. For now, pop open a Coors and live vicariously through last year's post. I'll see you at the 2021 New Mexico Brew Fest! My husband and I have seen ads for the New Mexico Brew Fest, which coincides with Albuquerque's world-famous Balloon Fiesta, year after year. Why haven't we ever gone? Obviously, we are ridiculous fools because the New Mexico Brew Fest was the best time ever ! It's our all-time favorite beer festival. (Don't tell the Fall Ale Fest . It was only their first year. They'll get there.) You know you're in for a great time when it's socially acceptable to wear food. For a mere $25 per person, New Mexico Brew Fest patrons receive an entire day of unlimited craft beer from top local breweries, including Boxing Bear, Toltec Brewing, Canteen Brewhouse, and almost 2 dozen more. There is extra-hard cider from