More Than Beer at the (AMAZING!) NM Brew Fest

Update for 2020: We've been hoping all year that COVID wouldn't cancel the New Mexico Brew Fest, but of course it did. For now, pop open a Coors and live vicariously through last year's post. I'll see you at the 2021 New Mexico Brew Fest!
My husband and I have seen ads for the New Mexico Brew Fest, which coincides with Albuquerque's world-famous Balloon Fiesta, year after year. Why haven't we ever gone? Obviously, we are ridiculous fools because the New Mexico Brew Fest was the best time ever! It's our all-time favorite beer festival.

(Don't tell the Fall Ale Fest. It was only their first year. They'll get there.)

You know you're in for a great time when it's socially acceptable to wear food.

For a mere $25 per person, New Mexico Brew Fest patrons receive an entire day of unlimited craft beer from top local breweries, including Boxing Bear, Toltec Brewing, Canteen Brewhouse, and almost 2 dozen more. There is extra-hard cider from Sandia Hard Cid…

Olive's Fall Road Trip

Every autumn, SN and I enjoy a visit to the mountains in New Mexico. This photo was taken during a walk around Monte Verde Lake in Angel Fire, scarves billowing behind us and with mugs of cardamom-infused coffee warming our hands. The leaves were golden and the fragrance of pinon firewood hung pleasantly in the air. The lake cast an irresistible spell on us, with proof provided in the nearby property we purchased shortly after. That was a surprise even to us! 
Our little Olive, who is not quite so little these days, has joined us on small drives, but never on a wondrous road trip. She stays behind to mind the house and keep Bernadette and Biscuit company. 
Oh, except there was that one time back when she was a young pup; the time Olive set out on her own, seeking a grand adventure.
She's our little biker babe.
In honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Month, join Olive on a virtual autumn road trip across the USA. There are plenty of wildflowers, fire-hued leaves, and selfie stops. You&…

Killing My House

Remember when Olive and Bernadette recently flooded our new home? We all had a good laugh (except when the water bill arrived...and the gas bill, because of course they used the hot water...and every time I look at our baseboards, which have warped right off of the walls).Despite this nonsense, do you know what I told everyone the next day? "At least our floors are clean."Ha, ha, ha, ha.All they do is sleep all day, so surely these two sweet pups would never cause any trouble.(The chair askew is a little hint that they cause sooo much trouble.)The morning after the flood, I got up early, making sure to give Olive and Bernadette plenty of time to romp outside prior to heading to work. All they did was sit on the patio and stare at me, longing to come inside to nap.
Of course, the moment they were inside?
Romp, romp, romp, romp.
You know the pack of rambunctious dogs in the movie A Christmas Story who tear through the house and ruin the holiday turkey? These girls are our Bumpus…