I Love This Mug

Someone, I have no idea who, gave me this mug for my birthday when I was in elementary school. Although I wasn't exactly thrilled to receive it (after all, you can't play with a mug), today it is one of my favorite possessions. I'd love to buy a set of mugs like this, but so far I haven't been able to find any others. Even eBay hasn't been able to help!

The teabag, by the way, is there because I have been coffeeless for a little over a week. I'm giving it up in hope of sleeping better. No caffeine = how to sleep better, right? Instead, I have been having two cups of decaf green tea for breakfast and a cup of "Nighty Night" tea after dinner. I've tried this coffee fast before and it never actually improves my sleep. However, I'd like to think that all the green tea is at least boosting my immune system. Maybe it will even improve my memory. I'll memorize the locations of all 50 states once and for all!

Shortly after writing this post, I broke the mug. &*$%#%^@*#!!!