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Vacation Day #8 - Mazatlan


Vacation Day #7 - Another Fabulous Day At Sea

Cruising past Cabo San Lucas, which we would be returning to in a few days

Vacation Day #6 - Another Day At Sea

The ship's party planner, Bekka, made a LOT of alcohol (not Sangria - just a mixture of lots & lots of liquor) for her cooking demonstration. How do you become a cruise ship party planner anyway?

Cruising is exhausting!

Vacation Day #7 - San Diego

The San Diego stop was sad. It marked the end of the 1st portion of our repositioning cruise - all the polite, classy Canadians left and all the loud, tattooed Americans arrived. The atmosphere on board went downhill quickly after that. Still, we tried to enjoy San Diego.

We loves our Starbucks!

The Gaslamp quarter seemed promising, but it was too touristy for us.

We had planned to visit the USS Midway Museum, but the price scared us away.
$17.00 each?! No thank you!

Sailing away

Vacation Day #6 - At Sea Again

You know it's a fancy cruise when they serve unicorn!

After lunch, there was a cute, towel-animal dog waiting for us.

But the room steward forgot to refill our fruit bowl. We needed a way to get his attention so he wouldn't forget again.

We really like fruit.

Vacation Day #5 - At Sea

Our 1st formal night

And, even better, ping pong!

My kind of sport

Not My Pochacco Mug! Say It Ain't So!

Oh !#%*!!!!!!!

Confused? Click here.

Vacation Day #4 - Astoria, Oregon

The day started out so chilly that we didn't plan to leave the Veendam.

Luckily, the sun came out and we went ashore.

Where we had the best fish and chips ever, made with tuna, at Bowpicker Fish and Chips. One whole order was plenty to share!
Bonus: they gave us 6 pieces instead of 5! Woo hoo!

We didn't expect to see any New Mexico plates in Oregon.

We returned to our room to find this cute elephant!

Vacation Day #3 - Victoria

Captions coming soon
(yeah, sure!)

Ooooh, houseboats!
(Okay, just 1 caption)