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10 Random Things, Just For The Heck Of It

1. Sexy Nerd and I went to see I love you, you're perfect, now change at Popejoy last weekend. Our review? It was good.

2. Sexy Nerd and I went to see Bravo Broadway! yesterday afternoon, which was presented by the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra. Our Bravo Broadway! review? It was outstanding! (and, at $10 a seat, a heck of a deal)

3. Sexy Nerd is looking over my shoulder as I write this, which is quite distracting. I told him that the average NMSO musician makes $16,000 a year. He says "Damn. I should've kept playing my trombone". I never knew he used to play the trombone!

4. We had Papa Johns pizza for dinner last night. One large with all pepperoni and one large with half ham and half banana peppers. The store was much more clean than any Pizza Hut or Little Caesars I've ever been to.

5. Biscuit has become "too lovey", according to Sexy Nerd.

6. I have been going back and adding photos to old posts. For example: Seychelles

7. Pica was just busted sneaking over to my Fairytale Brownies. No, Pica! Those are my Fairytale Brownies!!!

8. I titled this as a list of 10 items, but I really don't have anything else to say. might snow tonight! As much as I hate the cold weather, I don't want it to warm up too early. Last winter, the weather got so nice that our cherry trees started producing cherries, which all froze during the next snowstorm. I want some cherries this year!

9. Did you know that almonds are a quick, perfect snack that will keep you full and provide a healthy dose of Vitamin E? Now you know.

10. I have never seen Little Shop of Horrors. After seeing Bravo Broadway!, I reserved the DVD from our local library. I was hoping they would have it on CD so that I can listen to it in my car, but oh well. Instead, I reserved a David Sedaris CD. It's terrific that the library has such a vast selection, but after watching the last DVD we checked out, Bruno, we couldn't help thinking that there may be a better use for our tax dollars. Bruno has absolutely no place at the public library! Avoid Bruno at all costs!!! Incidently, Sexy Nerd and I both loved Borat.

11. (bonus!) Sexy Nerd says that he did not love Borat, but that it had its moments. Who didn't root for Borat to get his Pamela?


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