The Office is on Fire!

I was all set to post about how completely filthy Sexy Nerd's office is, but noticed an even more disturbing problem while taking photos. See if you spot it:

Although mailbox-decor does strike me as kinda odd, it's not the mailbox itself I'm referring to.

Noticing a pattern here yet?

 Sexy Nerd made that silver thingy back in school. What is it? No clue.

You may think the unusual thing is putting your hats next to a bag of garbage ( that sanitary?) but there's more to this photo than just a poor storage choice.

Do all grown men collect Hot Wheels? Is this normal?? It's not the point I'm trying to make, but I would love to know.

Love the paint job?

If I didn't know Sexy Nerd better, I'd swear he was flaming (HA! My only cheesy/stupid joke of the week, I promise!)


  1. Haha lame he should be collecting matchbox cars not hotwheels. :P haha

  2. You'd better get a fire extinguisher in there!

  3. At least he doesn't collect smurfs!


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