Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Best in Show Nominees and My %*$@&!# Computer

Quick, fast, and in a hurry, (aka I want to announce the winners but I also just got home from work and I'm starving) the nominees for this week's Best in Show Award are:

 Fowl Single File for sharing these cute, cute, CUTE penguins (and for pointing out that this was her first time working with fondant, which sounds ridiculous to me!)

 Flexible Dreams for this flannel jumper tutorial. The photos are pretty cute too!

 The Girl Diagnosed for cracking me up every time I visit her blog. Really, she will probably cuss me out for nominating her, but I love her blog anyway.

Dirt Cheap Decor (love the name!) for teaching how to make this sophisticated Valentine's Day banner.

Bugaboo, Mini Mr. & Me for making me laugh with this post.

Food, Folks, and Fun for this healthy alternative to traditional General Tso's Chicken

Three Boys for inspiring me to clean my house (it really needed it!)

Mika's Pantry for posting this Chinese Spaghetti with Spicy Meat Sauce. I showed Sexy Nerd this photo before I went to work today and I can't believe he didn't make it for dinner for us tonight! Some things are just unforgivable.

Congratulations, nominees! Here is a button to help you out:

Here is a different, less competitive (completely non-competitive, actually) button if the one above isn't quite your style:

Now, do you remember how I said that I was in a hurry to post this? 40 minutes later, I'm finally almost done. The instant I wrote that, my computer started making a "tkt, tkt, tkt" noise and has been absolutely creeeeeeping (which Blogger recognizes as a word for some reason) along ever since.

Oh, and now Picasa is doing some crazy, random update to save disk space. Super timing!

It has been over 2 hours since I first started writing this. Notice the crappy new layout of my blog? Yeah, that was not intentional. For some insane reason, LambAround looks completely different/weird/broken on my computer all of a sudden, with the entire right column moved to underneath the left column. Thinking that this was what everyone was seeing, I made some major changes (never, NEVER select "restore to default" when it comes to the blog you've worked so hard on. Just don't do it!) It turns out that my blog looked exactly like it was supposed to all along and the problem is just my computer (and, yes, the format still looks strange on my computer, even after making all those drastic layout changes!) I think I'll do some computer shopping this weekend.


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