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Popovers. Why Did I Only Make 12??

Over the weekend I spent my time browsing through several newly discovered food blogs. Thank goodness for the creation of tabs! Seriously, I stayed up past midnight on Friday, past 1am Saturday night, and was so grateful that my office was closed on Monday so that I could spend even more time searching for new things to cook. Work. A decent paycheck. These things seem overrated when faced with photo after photo of drool-inducing yummiess.

That said, I only made one recipe during my entire three day weekend. Popovers, courtesy of one of my favorite food blogs, Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice.

They were quick, easy, and delicious both when fresh and reheated. I bookmarked the recipe under the title MAKE THESE POPOVERS EVERY DAY!!! Most of my tried and true recipes only have 1 or 2 exclamation marks, so that should really give you an indication of how great these are. My only changes were to use butter instead of oil and, because I'm impatient, to let them sit in the oven for only 10 minutes instead of 15 after the heat had been turned off.

Three days of nonstop food blog stalking (did I mention that our original plans to go out - first on Saturday and then on Sunday - were scrapped?) left my mind somewhat mushy (food talk!) and I never once thought to photograph my freshly baked popovers for LambAround. I reheated the last popover this morning while unloading the dishwasher. About to devour it, the need for some popover blogging suddenly overtook me.

Blogging calls. The dishes will have to wait!

The inside, all gooey and jam-covered.

Not the best popover photo, but look at that tongue!

Photographing my food mid-air always attracts a crowd.

The flaky top of this deliciousness.

Also, did you notice that Pica is just about ready to pounce in that last photo? She leapt up at my last popover while I was distracted by the camera and almost stole it. Little punk.

I enjoyed the popovers with this Campagna Blackberry Guave Daquiri Jam, which was a gift from Sexy Nerd's uncle. If he reads my blog, he'll probably be mortified to see that we're still eating this, as it was given to us several years ago when I met him for the first time.

When I receive something nice, something that I wouldn't normally buy for myself, I hate to actually use it up and not have it anymore. Thus, I have been mixing in the cheap raspberry jam I typically buy so that we can have fancy jam forever.

I'm all set to replenish our popover supply later tonight. I've found another recipe to try:

Cinnamon Sugar Popovers (OMG!) from Vanilla Basil

And, yes, the dishes are still waiting to be put away.

Shouldn't Sexy Nerd have done it by now?

After reading all your wonderful comments (thank you!), I think I had better point out that I used an everyday cupcake/muffin pan to make these - no fancy popover pan necessary.


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