Revlon Frost and Glow

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Grouch?

AAAAAAARGH! You know those days/weekends when bad things simply pile up, one on top of the other? I set our "away" message at work on Thursday afternoon and realized this morning that I said we'd be back Monday instead of Tuesday, which is not the kind of mistake my boss tolerates well. I have a bug bite on a non-bug bite friendly area and it itches but can't be scratched without attracting crazy looks. I'm at the end of my 4 day weekend (off Friday and Monday for the holiday) and I think I get into trouble when I have too much time away from work.

Example 1:

I ironed. Me! Ironed! This is not an activity I ever, ever do. I needed a new black skirt (my old one is a bit tight for working in a children's office!) and was super lucky to find a perfect, practically brand-new one at the thrift store. With so much free time on my hands, I decided to iron the skirt, despite having just a few teensie wrinkles (much to my boss's dismay, I've never thought "teensie" wrinkles justify ironing). Remember, I do not iron, ever...and now my perfect skirt is ruined! I melted the fabric and now it has permanent iron marks, without me ever even wearing it. *Sigh*

Example 2:

Remember my tweet the other day regarding the $10 highlights deal? It turned out to be for only 2 highlights. Being the cheap thrifty gal I am, I decided to buy an at-home highlighting kit instead. Looking back, the truly frugal thing would have been to simply leave my hair as it was, which was perfectly fine. For the record, I have used these kits before and have had wonderful results. The Herbal Essences highlighting kit with the lime green comb is perfect! But, that wasn't the kit that was on sale for $5.

Damn you, Revlon Frost & Glow!

*Beware, the results you are about to see are real. Yes, I even performed the strand test!

Revlon Frost and Glow: Before and After Pictures

Perhaps I should have just left well enough alone.

Who else thinks I look like Rogue from X-Men?

 See that clump of silver hair in the lower left? That's not the mistake of my camera - some of the highlights turned gray! I can't explain that little pink fuzz on the right, other than to say it fits right in with my "one bad thing after another" mentality of the moment. I feel like a ticked off senior citizen.


Of course, I read all the bad reviews of Revlon Frost & Glow after doing this to my hair. The grayness, the breakage, the mixed shades of color all over your head, the frustration with the stupid hair dye cap that rips out pieces of hair, and the inaccuracy of the strand test - all online and waiting to warn people before using this kit, if only they would take the time to Google it. They are never going to let me hear the last of this at work.

To be fair, I later discussed this with a hair expert and learned that hair highlighting kits that involve pulling small amounts of hair through a cap with a hook, such as the Revlon Frost & Glow, are only intended to be used on short hair. Whoops.

Example 3:

Really, wouldn't this be too many examples? I'm sleep-deprived and Sexy Nerd has ignored me all 4 days (except for the hour when he helped me dye my hair with that terrible Revlon kit. Can I blame the results on him?) of this long weekend because he ordered a lathe and now spends all his time spinning blocks of wood into bombs (bombs, for fricks sake!!) in the garage. Between you and me, I think the bombs all look like little Christmas trees.


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