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New Home Update

Happy Weekend, everyone! For all you curious types, things seem to be right on track with our property purchase. We're planning to drive up to our lot tomorrow and I'm hoping to have some photos up soon.

(I love the lot, but I'm also suffering from an extreme case of Weekend Lazies.)

Oh, I suppose there must be a photo of the lot online that I can show you now...

13.1 acres, baby!

And, actually, it turns out that there is not a photo of our lot online (the bank is really trying hard to sell it, right?) so this is a nearby lot for sale.

Some dirt, some trees, some more dirt - you get the idea.

(and BEARS! and MOUNTAIN LIONS! I've opted not to think about that part though.)

BTW, my mom told us an interesting tidbit about the previous owners of our foreclosed on piece of land. It's a post for another day though (hint: it involves mass nakedness!)