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Cockroaches and Maybe Murderers

I've been trying to be a good blogger lately and post at least once a week. Rather than continue to feel guilty about it being Tuesday with nothing new here (or, you know, actually investing the effort into creating a new blog post), here is a funny rerun from a few years ago:

I went to get the mail the other afternoon, which in our neighborhood means going to the end of the street to a community mailbox. On my walk there, I passed a man who was going in and out of people's yards. He was maybe in his late 20s/early 30s and I just assumed he was checking the meters for the electric company. I thought nothing of seeing him walk up my driveway right before returning to my house, as I figured he'd walk to the meter and continue on his way.
Nope. He was standing at my front door when I arrived and didn't look like he planned to leave any time soon. I'm not a social person by any stretch of the imagination, especially after a long day at my socially demanding job. When I&#…

Creamy Enchilada Rice - Instant Pot Recipe

See this lovely Pinterest graphic? I'd appreciate your sharing it, partly because this recipe is amazing and partly because these Pinterest graphics don't just make themselves. Mostly because I am unable to share this recipe myself, as I seem to have locked myself out of my Pinterest account. (Oops!)
I'm posting TWO Instant Pot recipes in a row?? That should tell you just how yummy this Instant Pot rice recipe is.

Also, both recipes contain quinoa. That should tell you just how much quinoa I bought when it was on clearance for 50 cents per pound.

(Last week's Instant Pot recipe for Cranberry Oatmeal can be found here. It's my favorite breakfast, assuming chocolate cake is not an option. It usually isn't.)

This recipe makes a big batch (6 cups), which is perfect because you're going to want to eat it for lunch and dinner, day after day. Ready to learn how to make my Creamy Enchilada Rice in your Instant Pot? I'll tell you! But first, the weather.

View from ou…

Cranberry Oatmeal with Quinoa - Instant Pot Recipe

In response to my popular Instant Pot Explosion blog post, I've had a few blog readers ask for my oatmeal recipe. This seems a bit guys aren't trying to recreate that gooey mess in your own kitchens, right? My recipe does make delicious, foolproof Instant Pot oatmeal. It's only for patient people though. Whatever you do, do not manually release the pressure valve at the end of the cooking cycle!

Super oatmeal. See the little specks? That's part of what makes it so super.
The best thing about my recipe is that it's much healthier than regular oatmeal recipes. Start your day with this and you can feel better about all those cookies and fried donuts and ice cream (I have a bit of a sweet tooth) you munch on throughout the rest of the day. This can also be made in a slow cooker or Crock Pot. I've been cooking up batches of my Super Oatmeal for years, long before I'd heard of the Instant Pot, and have even gifted the dry ingredients to health-conscious f…