Real Estate Listings: What NOT To Do

Real estate listings are great for ideas on what we should and should not do when we finally build our dream home. There are some doozies out there, but I had never seen a home bad enough to blog about.

Friends, that changed today when I found the Best.House.Ever., located in Holladay, Utah. It's very...uhh...retro.

Just try to keep a straight face while browsing through their listing photos. And remember, the photos you are about to see are all from the same house. The last one will blow your mind!

Orange, shaggy stairs!

Carpeted shelves. Was this a 70s thing?

So much hippie madness in one bathroom! Out of everything, the counter is what really *calls* my attention. Why, oh why, would this be in the bathroom?

If orange shag (and orange wallpaper) is not your thing...  

...there's plenty of shaggy green goodness to go around!

Wood paneling could come back into style, I suppose. What is that on the balcony though?
Living room tiki hut. Enough said.

For goodness sakes, close the closet door when trying to sell your home.
(Not that it actually matters at this point.)
This photo makes me giggle. Does that built-in TV have a knob?

Someone in this house really has a flair for style.

Clowns all around me

I wasn't alive during the 70s. Can someone please tell me what that contraption is above the stove? My first guess was microwave, but I see one of those on the counter. And is it actually attached to the stove?

Crazy stairs!

I can't figure out what's going on with that pink lamp in the corner, among other things.

OMG! Sadly, I don't think this room can be blamed on the 70s.
The best part? The asking price for this gem of a home is a mere 1.2 million dollars.

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