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Vitamix Fail

I just used our Vitamix to make a peanut butter, banana, blueberry smoothie. It also contains flax seed, grapes, spinach, cranberries, cucumber, chia seeds, strawberries, raspberries, and nectarines. Now, I'm just kicking back and relaxing with my refreshing beverage, courtesy of my own clever Vitamix recipe.
Actually, that's a bit of a lie. A more accurate description would be "my own Vitamix recipe for disaster". It tastes horrible! Just because you can use the Vitamix to blend everything, doesn't mean you should. Also, I didn't have any peanut butter, so I just threw in a bunch of nuts. You can do that with a Vitamix, right?
I'm too much of a cheapskate to throw this out. If only I hadn't made 8 cups! The Vitamix container is so large. It beckons for me to fill it!
It's so healthy. I really should drink it, especially considering that my breakfast today was Red Vines. It smells bad though. It tastes like feet.

Anyone have any advice for …

Kids are Repulsive. Repulsive!

I did something stupid at work on Friday. Someone forgot their sippy cup of milk in our waiting room and I put in on our lost & found shelf, thinking I would throw it out if no one came for it by that afternoon. Then, I forgot all about it.
It was a hot weekend and we leave our air conditioning turned off when the office is closed. I knew the sippy cup of milk was going to smell sour. But it was so much worse than I'd ever imagined!
The cup LEAKED ALL OVER OUR LOST & FOUND SHELF! Instead of just a cup of sour milk, I entered our office today to find this horrible, milk-jelly stuck to everything. And, of course, when I picked up the funky sippy cup, it quickly spilled onto my dress and our recently-cleaned carpet. As for all the forgotten toys, clothing, and electronics in our lost & found? All plastered onto the shelf in a layer of creamy goop! I had to scrape everything off with a spatula from the break room.
The smell. Oh, the sweet and sour s…

Chicken Curry Ramen Noodles Recipe

*Be sure to also check out my Cheesy Chicken Ramen recipe, which is a spin on macaroni and cheese. Yum!
Let me start this post with a confession. I am a chocoholic, one who puts other chocoholics to shame. At work, I've developed an unfortunate reputation as the girl who pigs out every time another office sends us anything chocolaty or whenever an employee restocks our candy drawer. (Betcha never thought your kid's dentist had one of those!) Those dozen Mississippi Mud cupcakes that were just here?I ate them. You knew I was working today so if you didn't get in there and get one, it's your own silly fault.

What does any of this shameless chocolate-talk have to do with today's recipe? As much as I love chocolate, I love Ramen Noodles even more. Just look at them:

Hey there, gorgeous!
I will always remember "The Noodles That Got Away", otherwise known as when my mom threw my bowl of just-made noodles down the sink in 4th grade. I don't recall what I'…

No Regrets - Adopt a Pet!

I just posted this, but afterward I continued browsing through all the adorable adoptable pups and found one that I just have to share:

Alan is very serious. He is available for adoption in San Jose, CA. Look at his little doggie tie!!!
Okay, back to business.

Today, I have some fancy Google maps to share with you. The first shows all the places in Albuquerque where you can adopt a dog and the second is for cats.

Find Albuquerque Dogs & Puppies

Find Albuquerque Cats & Kittens

These maps are listed at It's a great site for finding a new family member. With 2 dogs (not just 2 dogs - 2 dogs who are insanely jealous of other dogs!) we aren't in the market for a new addition any time soon. It's still fun to browse through all the cute widdle doggie faces on the site though. Sexy Nerd says I'm tempting fate. Whatever.

I have enough self control just to puppy window shop. Though, I'm pretty sure Fluffy belongs at our house. Heidi too. And lit…