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Chicken Curry Ramen Noodles Recipe

*Be sure to also check out my Cheesy Chicken Ramen recipe, which is a spin on macaroni and cheese. Yum!

Let me start this post with a confession. I am a chocoholic, one who puts other chocoholics to shame. At work, I've developed an unfortunate reputation as the girl who pigs out every time another office sends us anything chocolaty or whenever an employee restocks our candy drawer. (Betcha never thought your kid's dentist had one of those!) Those dozen Mississippi Mud cupcakes that were just here? I ate them. You knew I was working today so if you didn't get in there and get one, it's your own silly fault.

What does any of this shameless chocolate-talk have to do with today's recipe? As much as I love chocolate, I love Ramen Noodles even more. Just look at them:

Hey there, gorgeous!

I will always remember "The Noodles That Got Away", otherwise known as when my mom threw my bowl of just-made noodles down the sink in 4th grade. I don't recall what I'd done to make her angry, but I do know that I'd been looking forward to those noodles all day while I was at school and that it was THE LAST PACKET! Scarred for life? Obviously.

So, my friends, use this recipe carefully. If you see an angry person coming toward your noodles, protect them! I hope, of course, that you never find yourself in this situation.

Chicken Curry Ramen Noodles Recipe
(Also known as "Even Better Ramen" - this tastes better AND has less sodium! Win-win!)

What you'll need:

Chicken-flavor noodles, curry powder, and milk. I've tried different milks and almond milk actually seems to work the best, but it's expensive and any kind of milk will do.
Well, maybe not strawberry milk...

3 Easy Steps to Chicken Curry Noodles:

1. Make your package of noodles the way you usually do.

I microwave mine for a few minutes in a plastic container. I'm halfway through reading Slow Death by Rubber Duck (great book, by the way) and know that I shouldn't cook food this way. Yes, I do have perfectly good glass containers, but I figure that I've microwaved my plastic ones so many times that all the BPA must have leached out by now. That is how this works, right?

2. When your noodles are nearly cooked, drain all of the water and pour in about 1/4 C of milk. Cook until boiling. 

When preparing my noodles in the microwave, this step takes approximately 1 minute.

3. Don't drain the small amount of milk that remains in your noodles. Sprinkle with curry powder to taste. I love curry powder so I cover my noodles generously. Add 1/2 the chicken-flavor seasoning packet and stir. Lately, I've also started to throw in a dash of black pepper because I've read the healthy stuff in curry powder is more easily absorbed by the body when it can work in conjunction with pepper. You didn't realize this Ramen recipe was going to be so educational.

Nifty bonus? You now have the rest of the noodle seasoning for another cooking attempt. I usually add it to angel hair pasta to create a Ramen/Spaghetti hybrid.