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15 Decorating Tips from the Summit County Parade of Homes

An annual tradition of ours is an autumn drive up from Albuquerque to Breckenridge, Colorado to view all the beautiful homes on display during the Summit County Parade of Homes. This post is part 1 of at least 2. There were so many great ideas for when we build our dream home (this spring, I hope!) that they can't possibly all fit into just 1 post.

Bonus tip? I need a home on a lake! Can you image looking out your kitchen window and seeing this?
Tip 1: Two front doors are better than one.

Tip 2: If you can see the ceiling of the covered patio, it needs to be done in the same style as the ceiling inside.

Tip 3: Sliding barn doors are in. Almost every house had at least one. Some were small...

...and some were huge. I really had to muster my strength to push this one open!

Tip 4: You can never have too many natural materials.

Tip 5: Your dog washing station should be raised up off the floor. Your back will thank you.
(Also, you should tidy up your garbage when your home is featured in a fancy tour. You never know what will end up displayed on someone's blog!)

Tip 6: When using glass doors in the bathroom, gain extra 'wow' factor by continuing your wall tile all the way into the shower.

Tip 7: Stained red cabinets actually look really nice in person. I never would have considered them for our new home before, but these had so much charm. They seemed more like a quality piece of furniture than everyday cabinets.

Tip 8: Placing a countertop above your washer/dryer is old news, but have you ever considered including drawers?

Tip 9: If you love a tree and can't bear to lose it when building your dream home, just incorporate it into your plans.
(And hope it lives forever!)

Tip 10: Backsplash tile with a slight sparkle is in. We saw this same tile featured recently during the Denver Parade, Colorado Springs Parade, Summit County Parade, Angel Fire Parade, and Albuquerque Parade.

Tip 11: No dream home is complete without an elevator. Almost every Summit County home had one! Can you imagine?
When we build, I'd actually like to include an elevator button next to a closed door as a joke, as our home is going to be a single story.

Tip 12: When trying to bring the outdoors in, every detail counts.

 Tip 13: Applied with restraint, wood paneling can add great character to a room.

Tip 14: Every home needs a window seat. This rustic one is like your own, personal log cabin.

Tip 15: Rather than rely on a closet in your guest bedroom, which most guests will never open, why not borrow an idea from the mudroom? This provides a handy place to sit and tie shoes, hang coats and purses, and store a suitcase out of the way.

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