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Anonymous Flower Delivery

Anonymous Flower Delivery

Sexy Nerd and I came home from a day of running errands on Saturday to discover an odd message on my phone. It was a girl from a flower shop calling to confirm my address for a delivery. 

I called and said there must be a mistake, as I wasn't expecting any flowers, to which she pointed out that people don't usually expect flowers. Oh, of course. 

As nice as it would be to have someone send me flowers, it seemed unlikely. Sure enough, she was unable to find any orders for me when I gave my name.

She did have a Danielle though, and asked if there might be a different last name. I told her my maiden name. There really were flowers waiting for me! 

She confirmed the delivery address - the rental house Sexy Nerd and I lived in 3 years ago. I updated my address and ended the call, anxiously waiting to see who would send me flowers.

Anonymous Flower Delivery
Who sent me flowers from FTD?

How to find out who sent me flowers
My mysterious stalker has beautiful taste!

Strange? I had no idea how strange! Here is the message that came with the flowers:

what to write on a flower delivery card
Well, that's not creepy at all.

So who would send me, a married woman who has been with my Sexy Nerd for over 6 years, a message like that? It was an anonymous flower delivery! I called the florist back right away to get the sender's name.

They didn't know either! I asked if it was just a generic message that the sender had selected from a list and they said no, the sender had written it specifically.

They said the order was placed online through FTD and to contact them. I did and they won't reveal the identity of the sender without his (or her!) permission. They called the number given for the order and no one answered. They emailed them and are currently waiting for a response.

All I could do was wait, right? Pfft! I called back again and spoke to someone else, feeding them a story about how I just had a baby and got lots and lots of flowers delivered and put all the little cards aside so I could write my thank you notes, but in all the chaos I misplaced the notes and could I please get the sender's name? In the name of polite society, please just give me their #%*&ing name!

Nope. They called the sender again. No answer. 

Sexy Nerd, who absolutely did not send these and who is not happy about any of this, is convinced that the flowers were sent to me by mistake. He was even less happy when the second FTD representative told me it was a "New Dream Bouquet with Bear". There was supposed to be a bear too? 

Not that any of this matters, of course. Prince William could have sent these to me and I still wouldn't think for a second of leaving my Sexy Nerd. But still...I have it narrowed down to 3 possibilities...maybe 4 if I really stretch my options...I really want to know who sent them! The suspense is killing me!

i don't know who sent me flowers

Does anyone out there know how to get those stubborn punks at FTD to reveal the name of the sender?

Update: I never did solve this anonymous flower delivery mystery, but I did make sure FTD refunded my mysterious stalker for the bear they forgot to deliver.


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