Vacation Day #1 - Seattle

After flying to Seattle from Albuquerque, we took the light rail to the Amtrak station, where we were able to check our luggage. Next, it was time to explore the waterfront. Who can resist having their photo taken with a giant penguin? Not me.

We walked to the mall. Sexy Nerd found a more manly penguin for his photo.

Downtown Seattle seemed a bit rough so we made sure to be back at the Amtrak station before dark. The station is undergoing a huge restoration project right now.

The Amtrak station started with a beautiful, intricate ceiling. Some time during the 60s, someone had the "brilliant" idea to modernize the building - by installing a drop ceiling! I can't believe Amtrak has waited this long to start uncovering the original ceiling.

We arrived in Vancouver shortly before midnight. It wasn't the best 1st impression of Canada. We're old fuddy duddys and on Saturday night/early Sunday morning, Vancouver is a party town!