Vacation Day #2 - Vancouver

We had breakfast at the hotel, walked to Starbucks, and took a stroll through the city.

After the party animals go to sleep, (so, soo many party animals downtown on a Saturday night) Vancouver is quite nice!

One of my all-time favorite photos of Sexy Nerd.

These photos were taken by the Canada Place cruise ship terminal.

"Gimme that camera!"

"I want to move to Vancouver!"

We walked through Stanley Park. Nothing in Albuquerque can compete with it.

Ooh, canadian geese in Canada!

While strolling through the park, we came across many raccoons, including this mom & baby:

We walked back to the cruise ship terminal, checked in, then continued sightseeing.

The steam clock in Gas Town:

Next, it was time for some lunch. Holland America Veendam, here we come!

Coolest thing on the ship? Touch-screen game tables in the Mix Lounge.

Weirdest thing on the ship? Every day, they change the rugs in the elevators so that the passengers will know what day of the week it is.