Make That 6 Winners (and Some Ramblings!)

Good news for someone who didn't win my Mini Chicken Cheeseburgers giveaway - one of the winners has reported back that she lives too far from a Safeway to use her coupon. Just when you thought your luck had run out, right? And the new randomly selected winner is...

This means 4 out of the 5 coupons have been accepted (though, I suppose I'm back down to 3 out of 5 if Lisa can't use it!) Fingers crossed if you didn't win. Lucky entrant #5 has just 2 more days to contact me. Chop, chop, winner #5!

Do people say "Chop, chop" anymore? Did they ever? Sexy Nerd insists that this is just an Australian thing and noone here in the U.S. ever has any idea what I'm talking about. My mum says it. She always has (she? The cat's mother?)

Okay, even I'm not quite sure I get that last one.