Who Won the Best in Show Award?

The votes have been tallied (quick and easy, as Blogger does this for me) and a special award has been created for one talented blogger. What kind of blogger?

A party animal!

Not that kind of party animal, you sillies - my kind of party animal.

The winning blogger recently went all out for her 1 year old's birthday.
(Click the photo for a free pirate printable!)

There was a ship to play inside.

And a jaw-dropping treasure chest cake!

It's best to heed the birthday girl's demands!

Not impressed by pirates? Phooey to you! Still, perhaps you'll be tempted by another offering from the winning blogger.

Delphinium Dollup Chocolate Cake Balls, anyone?

Way to go, The Outlaw Mom! I love the name of your blog.

Thanks to everyone who linked up! For another chance at the Best in Show award, swing by LambAround tomorrow for another Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop. Have a great night, my bloggy friends!