Learning to Drive at 29

Our original agreement was that Sexy Nerd would buy an automatic Mini Cooper. That way, I could also drive it, if needed (like when he steals my beautiful, superior Chevy Volt).

He can't be trusted. Our agreement popped right out of Sexy Nerd's head the instant he saw this Mini Cooper, which is a manual transmission.

Compare this photo to the Mini Cooper I posted a few weeks ago. Yep, Sexy Nerd took no time going crazy with the decals. At least I was able to talk him out of painting flames on each mirror!

We've made it through driving lesson #1 and are still a happy couple. The car is still working fine, as far as I can tell. No progress toward me actually being able to drive the Mini Cooper though. Why does anyone choose a manual transmission over an automatic? I can't figure out how to drive that crazy thing!

After bringing the Mini Cooper to a shuddering, jerky halt for the 5th time, I asked Sexy Nerd if my problem was that I was releasing the clutch too quickly or too slowly. His answer?



  1. That is why my dad taught me to drive on our 1977 MGB when I was learning. He said that way you only have to learn to drive once! When we travel to countries in the Caribbean, often a manual is the only option so it is good to know. Actually, my Sequoia I drive now is the only automatic I've ever owned in 30 years of driving and only because that was the only transmission option available. Manual transmissions are so much more fun!!

  2. The guys at Car Talk do a great job of explaining how to drive standard. I think it goes something like this: let off the clutch until you feel the car just begin to move and then give it a little gas. They do a better job explaining it, and it works. Driving standard is a lot of fun after the learning part is over. Good luck!

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