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My Year of Stupid (Take One!)

After getting my braces off the other day, I decided to treat myself to a little shopping at Cost Plus. It was chilly outside, but warm in the store, so I took off my coat. After meandering through a few aisles with it tucked under my arm, the coat made its way into my shopping hand basket.

One of my favorite things about Cost Plus is the little section with coffee and tea samples at the back of each store. I poured myself a cup of scaldingly hot black coffee and continued browsing. There are so many unique items at Cost Plus. At the end of an aisle, I stopped to look at a selection of Sticky Fingers scone mixes. There were so many yummy-sounding flavors, like blueberry and cocoa chocolate chip, and they all looked easy to make. I was entirely distracted, balancing my coffee in one hand and my shopping basket in the other, imagining the impressed look Sexy Nerd was going to have when I served him up a batch of freshly made scones. I was going to knock his socks off!

Well, I may have b…

Braces Before and After Photos

My braces are FINALLY off!!! I actually finished up a few months ahead of schedule. When your orthodontist tells you to do something, like clench your teeth, it pays to do it! Here is my 'before' photo, courtesy of my awesome orthodontist:

OMG, they were soo funky!
Here is my glorious AFTER photo:

Note the midline, in all its symmetrical glory.
Although my teeth look better than before, I'm not done yet. I still have to wear retainers for a while (24/7 - I was expecting them to be at night only!) There's a tiny bit of spacing on the side that is driving my orthodontist crazy (it's so tiny that I couldn't figure out what he was talking about until I saw the photo above), which he plans to fix. There's a little cosmetic work to do (nothing major, probably). And a round of at-home teeth whitening might help, especially as it was so difficult to brush and floss (especially floss) with my teeth encased in metal. Most exciting of all though?
"Crown lengthening…

Lowe's Cashier Quote of the Day

Sexy Nerd, who is quite the handyman extraordinaire, purchased a tube of Liquid Nails for one of his many projects. (He's currently building a folding boat, of all things!)

The hefty woman scanning his purchase eyed him with suspicion, then said gruffly:

"You'd bettah not be huffin' them nails."

High as a kite? (Hmmm...perhaps that's why he didn't notice that his shirt was covered in Pica hair.)
Just imagine if he'd tried to buy spraypaint.

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Happy Anniversary

Have a great weekend, everyone. Sexy Nerd and I are off to celebrate the TEN YEAR anniversary of our first date!

The weekend is off to a good start. Sexy Nerd got up early to pick up surprise Duke City Donuts and McDonalds breakfast burritos for us. Now, if someone would just drop off a surprise Frappuccino for me at work today, that would really be perfect.

(Hint, hint, Sexy Nerd.)

You Know You Have a Serious Case of Writer's Block When...

Image say "I know! I'll dig out my old Littlest Pet Shop toys and use them to act out my novel!"

That's Kara in the center, surrounded by Kevyn (boo!), Brett (yay!), Scott, Lily, her parents, Herman, and Candice.
Actually, Kara and Lily's dad isn't in the book. I just like that blue kitty.
It's all coming together.