A Park to Add to Your Bucket List

What's the best park in London?

Of all the parks I visited during our May trip to London (and since I was paying a ridiculous $45 or so per day to travel to and from Reading, you can bet I crammed in as many parks as possible!), my favorite was Golders Hill Park in Hampstead Heath. For me, it beat my visit to Central Park in New York, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and all of the parks I've been to in Australia, Seychelles, Paris, Canada, and Mexico. Basically, Golders Hill Park is the best park IN THE WORLD!

There's a free zoo, homemade ice cream, bridges to run across, a pond where you can feed the ducks, grassy hills, a stumpery (yes, a stumpery!), statues, trails for hiking, deer, and all sorts of other outdoor awesomeness.

While I was photographing all the flowers, a little old man came up to me. He seemed very excited and said, in a cute little old man voice, "Isn't nature beautiful? I've got one here in my hand." Truth be told, I was a bit apprehensive about what he was about to show me. That's a weird thing to say to a stranger, right? It was getting late and it was only the two of us, all alone in the park. Was it going to be a smothered duckling? For all I knew, the cute little old man could actually be a perverted, dirty old man. I was seriously afraid that he was about to whip it out.

He opened his hand to reveal...

...a flower. (Whew!)

What might you see at Golders Hill Park? Take a look:

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 Rum Raisin - my favorite!

An albino deer?

So cute...

...or so you thought!

Hello, Mr. Kookaburra.

(I think it's worth noting I spelled that without any help from Spellcheck. How does my brain know the correct spelling of Kookaburra?)

See? Now you know what a stumpery is.

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