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We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

No Sleep. No Sleep. No Sleep.

The last several weekends, Sexy Nerd and I have been getting ideas for our new house at the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes and the Denver Parade of Homes. This meant several nights in hotels, away from our beloved Amerisleep Liberty Bed. We almost always stay at Marriott hotels, which you would expect to be pretty nice, right? WRONG! I mean, they were fine, except for their terrible mattresses.

In Colorado Springs, Sexy Nerd actually texted an entire complaint to Marriott at 3 am because our mattress, affectionately referred to as "The Taco", was so uncomfortable. When he came back to bed, he tried to get all snuggly with me, which is 100% THE WORST THING EVER to do to someone with idiopathic insomnia. I had finally just barely fallen asleep and he woke me up. His reason? According to Sexy Nerd, when he laid down on his side of the bed, I rolled over to snuggle with him, so he assumed I was still awake. It was the taco mattress! It flipped me!

This Marriott mattress looks comfy, right? Don't let their "Guest of the Day" robe fool you.

And, not to sound ungrateful for the grand honor that is the "Guest of the Day", but wouldn't you think a room booked for 2 adults would include 2 robes instead of 1? Silly Marriott.

Our mattress in Denver was better, with no resemblance to a taco - a very important quality in a mattress. However, my sleep was interrupted again by the mattress vibrating and shaking around 5 am. It was Sexy Nerd. Turns out he always begins his day with a little stretching before getting up. With our Amerisleep memory foam mattress at home, I'd managed to stay blissfully unaware of his morning calisthenics routine because motion isn't transferred.


I really love our Amerisleep mattress. With Sexy Nerd vigorously thrashing his legs about for no reason while his chronically sleep-deprived wife is trying to rest, is it any wonder?


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