Unbiased Amerisleep Mattress Reviews 2012-2018

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My Amerisleep mattress reviews are NOT sponsored. Unlike other "impartial" reviewers out there, we did NOT receive our Liberty Bed (AS3) for free. All of the opinions here are 100% honest. My husband, the overly analytical mechanical engineer, was skeptical at first, but he was quickly won over, as you'll see below.

5/6/18 Update: When we moved into our new home, we needed a new mattress for our guest bedroom and, of course, we went with Amerisleep again. We put out 6-year-old king AS3 in the guest room and ordered a brand-new twin AS2 and twin AS4 for our master bedroom. Terrible choice! The AS4 was too soft and unsupportive for either of us. We exchanged the two twins for a king AS2, thinking it and the AS3 were so similar that it wasn't worth the extra cost for the AS3. Ack, another poor choice! The AS2 is too hard for me! (SN still can't tell any difference, go figure.) Long story short, our new AS2 is now in the guest bedroom and we are still loving our old AS3.

Amerisleep is so confident you'll love their products they even offer a free trial with free return shipping - and mailing a mattress can't be cheap! We placed our first order on 1/24/12. Since then, a referral program has been introduced for happy customers, like us. If you order through my Amerisleep promo code link (THANK YOU!), you'll receive free shipping and save an additional $50 on top of other discounts, coupons, promo codes, and specials. There is almost always a coupon available on the website, so if there's not a good deal today, check back tomorrow.

(Currently, the best coupon code is TAKE200, which saves you $200 through my link, including your referral bonus. The extra savings is automatically applied and you'll even receive a confirmation message when you click through to the site, so it couldn't be easier. Just be sure to allow the confirmation a moment to load so that you receive your additional discount.)

Online reviews sealed the deal for my original purchase and I love being in a position to help others with their decision. If there's anything I haven't covered here, please feel free to send me an email. I love hearing from my blog readers!

Oh, and I may have initially, technically written this first review as a "screw you" to Simmons, a company we loathe. 
Beautyrest? More like Uglyrest. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Okay, finally on to the blog post from 2012, with updates scattered throughout. I'm a bit of an update addict.

amerisleep mattress reviews collage

Amerisleep Mattress Reviews from 2012

Have you heard of Amerisleep? My mechanical engineer husband, Sexy Nerd, and I finally replaced our crummy (and lumpy! and saggy!) old (but not old enough that it should need replacing) Simmons Beautyrest (BLECH!!!) and are in love with our new mattress.

Yeah, we have a little bitterness toward Simmons. Can you tell? We saved up more than a thousand dollars for that Beautyrest, while I was working a just-barely-over minimum wage job and we were both going to school full-time. We felt so cheated.

We were nervous about making such a big purchase online, especially after our bad experience with Simmons, but were swayed by all the Amerisleep mattress reviews I'd read and by their top-notch customer service. I spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with company representatives before making my purchase and they never seemed to mind my many questions. I even received a few personalized emails from the CEO, Firas Kittaneh! I loved how enthusiastic they were about their product. We also had the option to return it if it didn't live up to the hype, which was reassuring.

"I look forward to hearing how much you love your new bed!!" is the email I received after placing my order. It was from a real person who had helped me. A great sign.

The following week, our AS3 mattress arrived...

amerisleep mattress reviews: still in the box
 The box was bigger than Sexy Nerd! I recommend you have a second person to help you move it to the bedroom, especially if it's upstairs like ours. Luckily, I'm stronger than I look. Sexy Nerd claimed he could have moved the package upstairs on his own. He "just didn't want to." Yeah.

Also, wouldn't it have been great if I'd moved the dog bowls out of the way before taking this photo?

Oh! And here's a 2017 update: I just noticed that to the left of the box, you can see a model of the house we're currently building...in a photo from 2012. Geez, construction takes forever. Don't do it!
our dog was hunting our new bed
Pica was hunting the mysterious black bag in our bedroom. It seemed wise to stop her from attacking it.

our chihuahua was afraid of the mattress
Biscuit wouldn't even enter the room.

amerisleep mattress reviews: unpacking
Sexy Nerd was very careful when removing the packaging. He had to be, with yours truly jumping around and saying, "Careful! Don't cut the mattress! Are you being careful? Oooh, be careful!"

the packaging was simple to cut through
It began expanding even faster than we'd expected. The AS3 Bed must be freed! Also, I can't help thinking that my husband should have taken his shoes off.

amerisleep mattress reviews: timelapse
It expanded this much in about a minute.

there was no off gassing
It kept growing and growing, like a scene from a science fiction movie.

amerisleep comes packed in several layers of plastic for safety
There was still more plastic to remove. Note how skinny it is here. There's still plenty of expanding to go!

this was fun!
At first, we were surprised by the amount of plastic. The company markets themselves as being "green" and this seemed like a step in the wrong direction. Really though, if it weren't for all that plastic, might a rogue mattress start expanding on the shipping truck?

FedEx and UPS would not be happy.

look how supportive our new mattress is

my husband used to wake up with back pain every morning
No more waking up with back pain for this Sexy Nerd.

this is a people bed - not a dog bed!
What did Pica, who was so excited about our new (and still expanding, even in this photo!) mattress think of it? I don't know.

She isn't allowed on the bed.

Compare Tempurpedic VS Amerisleep: A Test

Amerisleep claims their products are equal to TempurPedic, but for a lot less money. We have been sleeping on our Liberty bed (now known as the AS3 bed - their #1 bestseller) since 2012 and I agree. Anyone can say they're as good as TempurPedic though. There seemed like there must be a way to prove this. Bring on the Amerisleep VS Tempurpedic test!

You know those fancy commercials where the person jumps on the TempurPedic and the wine glass doesn't tip over?
amerisleep mattress reviews from an engineer
Wine glass test, sans wine. I was fairly confident our brand-new mattress would pass with flying colors...but how would I ever live it down if it didn't?

Sexy Nerd, the always serious mechanical engineer, had much more fun taking these photos than I'd expected. I couldn't get him to stop jumping on the bed!

Amerisleep Mattress Reviews from 2017: The Level Test

We placed our order on 1/24/12. After all this time, our AS3 is practically brand-new, even though we've slept on it nearly every night for more than half a decade! At an age when most mattresses would be nearing replacement age, we're planning to take ours with us to our new house. (You know, assuming construction is finally completed one day. We broke ground June, 2016 and it's nearly August with no end in sight!) The 7-year replacement rule doesn't seem to apply. Sexy Nerd says it's perfect in every way. It hasn't had any problems with sagging (unlike our piece of garbage Simmons Beautyrest, which this had to replace after only a few years) and it doesn't get hot, which I've heard is a common problem with memory foam products. At first, I thought it was ever-so-slightly too firm for my taste. The next softest (the Colonial, aka AS4, according to the comparison chart on the brand site) is much more expensive though, so if I could go back, I would still choose the same one. As someone who doesn't like too-firm of a bed, I do think it's worth paying a little extra to get the Liberty/AS3 over the more firm choices (the Americana/AS1 and Revere/AS2). It's all a matter of personal preference, of course. Amerisleep will actually recommend the perfect option for you based on your sleeping habits, height, and weight through a quick online chat on their site.

Ours really is just like the Tempur-Pedics we've tested, but at a much better price because it's sold directly to the consumer instead of going through stores, salespeople, and multiple delivery stops. There isn't even an additional charge for sales tax, which adds up quickly on a $1,000+ purchase. My favorite thing is that there is no transfer of motion, meaning I can continue sleeping when Sexy Nerd gets up for work at 5 am. I'd love to splurge on the "extra soft" AS4 one day, which I imagine is like sleeping on a fluffy marshmallow, but at more than twice the cost of the AS3, I'm happy with what we have. Plus, Sexy Nerd loves our bed exactly as it is and wouldn't change a thing, so he'd probably just complain if I "upgraded" us to a softer choice. (Update: We lived the dream and ordered an extravagant AS4...and hated it! It was too soft for either of us.)

I don't understand why anyone is still buying traditional spring mattresses. For such a large investment, you're money ahead to get one that lasts forever. Really, ours has aged so well, I'd be surprised if it's showing any wear at all 50 years from now. Take a look for yourself:

how to test your mattress with a level
After more than 5 years, is it still level, even on the part I sleep on every night?

amerisleep passed the test!
It is! Our Simmons Beautyrest wouldn't have been able to pass this test after 5 weeks, let alone years.
(Also, you don't notice how dirty your level really is until you look at a close-up photo. I put this on our mattress?! Ick.)

Since publishing my original blog post all those years ago, I have received not one, but TWO emails (from different people!) saying they enjoyed my Amerisleep mattress reviews...but they feel so sad for Pica. So, here is an updated photo for all my fellow dog lovers:

our dog was finally allowed on the bed
To be fair, Pica usually looks pretty sad, whether she's allowed on the bed or not. She does look comfy though.

Shhh, don't tell Sexy Nerd. She's much dirtier than the level!

Amerisleep mattress reviews from a spoiled dog
Also, I think Amerisleep makes memory foam dog beds. Shhh, don't tell Pica.

amerisleep mattress reviews from the dog
I tried to get a cute photo of Biscuit for this blog post, but she's a stickler for the rules and was mortified to be anywhere other than the ground. Her Amerisleep review? The mattress is scary.

my dog's amerisleep mattress reviews
 Why are you getting me in trouble??

I see a few memory foam dog beds in my near future.

Chronic Insomnia - My Story

Why do I care so much about mattresses? Because getting a good night's sleep is a struggle that has plagued my entire life. I  have never been able to sleep well. Not just now, as an adult - never! Even as a baby, my parents say I was awake constantly. In fourth grade, my teacher, Mr. Carberry, suggested to my mom that she take me to a doctor because I yawned from the moment I entered his classroom until the time I left, every single day. He had never seen a student who was as consistently tired as me. My mom brushed off his recommendation, as she knew I went to bed at the same time every night, with ample hours for a good night's sleep. However, my typical night was spent tossing and turning, or simply lying with my eyes closed, completely awake. My parents knew I'd had trouble sleeping as a baby (ask any of my relatives and they'll tell you I was a "bad baby", LOL), but I was thriving so they assumed I'd outgrown it.

It's especially frustrating to be told how harmful a lack of sleep is to my health. It's not like I'm intentionally not getting enough sleep, right? I don't have sleep apnea. I don't have restless leg syndrome. I don't snore. I've participated in a sleep study with a highly recommended sleep expert. He could not help me. With such a high hurdle to overcome nightly, I take comfort knowing at least the mattress I've purchased is comfortable, no matter my position, and is not contributing to my insomnia. There are many reasons to love Amerisleep, but for me personally, this is #1 and why I am a die-hard fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two questions blog readers constantly email me:
  1. Does your mattress get hot?
  2. Do I have to buy an expensive foundation?
I have good news for both questions. Ours does not get hot, which is a common problem with other memory foam products. If anything, it seems to stay cooler, as our Simmons Beautyrest was stained with sweat (TMI?) shortly after buying it and our AS3 is still squeaky clean after all these years. I'm not quite sure how Amerisleep does this. From the Technology portion of the Amerisleep mattress website, it explains that their products utilize Celliant fabric, which transforms your body's own thermal energy and is popular with athletes for its cooling capabilities. They also use Bio-Pur foam and Surface Modification Technology. Basically, it seems to me that my bed has larger cells than other memory foams so it can circulate the air more freely and breathe better, like the difference between a hot polyester shirt and my favorite mesh top.

Could all of that result in a cooler night's rest? The Technology page is actually pretty cool, with loads of nerdy graphics and data. Whatever they're doing, it works.

As for the foundation question, I'm told a special base is recommended for Amerisleep beds and I am happy to report that you can save a bunch of money by ignoring that advice. Ours is on top of two twin box springs, which we already had. (They're what our Simmons Beautyrest was on.) This has worked fine for us over the years. The proof is in the level photo I shared earlier in this post. I've also had readers tell me they've had success using plywood instead of box springs.

3. How long did it take for the chemical smell to disappear?

   This was actually another pleasant surprise. I'm sensitive to chemical smells and worried about how long the "off-gassing" period would be. I expected our new mattress would give me a pounding headache if used right away, similar to the reaction I have when someone wears too much perfume (which, to me, is any perfume). My plan was to sleep in a separate room for at least the first few nights after unwrapping/expanding it. I'd even read online about other memory foam products being kept in the garage for weeks after being opened because the smell was so bad. However, ours seemed just fine when we first received it and, sure enough, I woke up without any head discomfort after the very first night. 

4. What's your favorite thing?
   Sexy Nerd says it's that he no longer wakes up with back pain, which was a huge problem with our Simmons. Whenever we travel or he goes on a business trip, he always looks forward to coming home to sleep, no matter how luxurious the hotel accommodations have been. For me, the best part has to do with the wine glass photo at the top of this post - no transfer of motion! As a lifelong sufferer of idiopathic insomnia, I'm an extremely light sleeper. When Sexy Nerd moves or gets up in the morning, I'm blissfully unaware.

5. How has yours held up over time?

   We purchased a king-size Liberty Bed (AS3) from Amerisleep in January, 2012 and as of 7/31/17, it still seems exactly like new. There is no sagging anywhere, which is great for me because when Sexy Nerd gets out of bed around 5 am (crazy, right?), I enjoy stretching out in the center and taking up the entire mattress. I'm a weird sleeper like that. With our old mattress, I was unable to sleep in the center because soon after purchasing it, there were 2 deep, firm divots from where each of us typically slept. The poor service we received from Simmons was actually the catalyst for writing my original Amerisleep mattress reviews years ago.

6. Would you recommend Amerisleep to a friend?

   Obviously! LOL. Actually, I know a few friends and family members who have purchased one since we started recommending them in 2012. I've never met anyone (or heard from anyone via email) who had a single complaint. 

Wait, I take that back. A few years ago (2014?), a blog reader did email me because it seemed like their mattress was taking a long time to ship. I agreed and contacted Amerisleep on their behalf. Their new bed went out later that same day and I've never heard of any shipping delays since.

   That has been the only time I've heard of someone having an Amerisleep problem, which was sort of a shame. I felt so powerful and I was ready for that power to go to my head! Rats.

7. Is it worth the extra cost?
   Although I do believe it is worth the so-called "extra cost", I think it's important to note that it really isn't more expensive than the competition, especially if you purchase it on sale. It's certainly less pricey than Temper-Pedic, which I think is essentially the same mattress sold under a fancy label.

   Our AS3 cost less than our Simmons Beautyrest and was a much better value because it has lasted so much longer. We paid almost $1,500 for the Beautyrest and were ready to list it on Craigslist within a year, not that we had much luck with the deep grooves running through it. With that one, we were taking up with neck and back pain after every night. More than five years later, our Amerisleep mattress is still like new.

8. Is there anything else I should consider before ordering?

   Never underestimate the importance of customer service. I have probably emailed Amerisleep dozens of times over the past several years, first with questions before ordering my mattress, and later with questions from my blog readers. Everyone I've interacted with has been helpful and professional. Even the CEO, Firas Kittaneh, has taken the time to personally write to me on several occasions! I highly recommend them. With our king-size Simmons Beautyrest, which we purchased new for an obscene amount of money, we thought we were investing in a quality product from a reputable company. However, when it turned out to be defective, reaching customer service was almost impossible. No one ever answered the phone and no one responded to my emails. When we finally got ahold of someone by going through the local furniture store we'd originally purchased from, Simmons would not honor our warranty. Although they acknowledged our mattress was clearly defective, they said the warranty was voided because one corner was scuffed, most likely during delivery. They even acknowledged that the scuff was merely cosmetic and couldn't possibly have any impact on the structure of our mattress or our complaint! You can imagine our frustration. Now, I hate Simmons. They are my nemesis.

Compare Amerisleep VS Casper

There have been many Amerisleep wannabees sprouting up online lately, such as Casper, Leesa, Saatva, etc., claiming to sell a comparable memory foam product at a lower price. I've had the pleasure/displeasure of testing a few of these and they kind of tick me off. You'd think this would be a case of "you get what you pay for", but most of these are around the same price as our Liberty (AS3) anyway. Based on our experience since 2012, I firmly believe an Amerisleep mattress is comparable to a Tempur-Pedic. None of the other mail-order mattresses seem to even try to live up to this quality. Compare the technology pages and online reviews to see for yourself. 

amerisleep mattress reviews after a casper trial
My Casper review? A throwaway for dorm living.

I've written about our AS3 firsthand (Update: AS2 and AS4 beds too!) and have speculated on some of the competition here on my site. It has always seemed to me like Amerisleep is an inexpensive alternative to Tempurpedic, while the other brands that have popped up online lately are more of a cheap, short-term solution for apartment living. They have a warranty, but that doesn't do you any good if the company is out of business next year or won't honor it or requires you to pay return shipping. Still, I've wondered if maybe memory foam is just memory foam and all of these competitors are actually the exact same thing. Well, guess what? I was able to test out a Casper bed recently and was shocked by the difference.

It's hard to explain, but there were no "memory foam" qualities to the Casper. It was soft, like the pillowtop portion of our old Simmons Beautyrest, where you just sink right in wherever pressure is applied. Ours, by comparison, supports your body, whether you're sitting on the edge to tie your shoes, are propped up with pillows to watch TV, or are dozing off. You don't just fall in, like with the Casper. This isn't necessarily a dealbreaker, especially if you fit their target audience of someone looking for a cheap, short-term solution, but I just could not believe how much I preferred our AS3 Bed. It is so much better! I actually got into a little discussion about it at the store...with myself...out loud. They're used to that at West Elm, right? My in-store theory was that the Casper must be especially soft and unsupportive because so many people have tested it. Thinking about it later though, my theory doesn't pan out. The display looked new, plus with ours, it doesn't matter that we've been sleeping on it forever. The wear and tear of daily use isn't breaking it down.

Compare Amerisleep VS Leesa

As of 5/12/18, I have not tried Leesa. However, I just visited their website and found something I thought worth mentioning here. Take a look at this screenshot:

leesa vs amerisleep chart

Do you see it up on the righthand corner? There are dozens of inferior "bed in a box" type mattresses that have sprung up as a result of Amerisleep's success. Leesa is happy to compare themselves to Casper, Tuft & Needle, Purple, and Tempur-Pedic, but they conveniently omitted any brand they could not compete with in regard to criteria such as price, quality, durability, eco-friendliness, customer satisfaction, and value.

Compare Amerisleep VS Sleep Number

amerisleep mattress reviews from a professional sleep study

In March of 2017, I participated in a sleep study. I knew in advance my room would be equipped with a Sleep Number. I'd been looking forward to testing it out and possibly reviewing it here on my site. I'd even been debating whether to include one in our new house after seeing an ad for their anti-snoring technology. (I don't snore, but you-know-who can really get going.)

Well, it must have somehow known where my loyalty lies and that I've bad-mouthed Sleep Number in the past (their warranty is terrible, which I think shows a lack of faith in their product), because mine didn't seem to work. I'd press the Up button once and the numbers would jump all the way to the top; Down and I was suddenly at the lowest setting. Despite these drastic changes, whenever I checked the Sleep Number remote, it was always on 35. I never did figure out what the 40 is supposed to do, if anything. It looks like a button, right?

Hey, folks at Amerisleep. It's time to add an anti-snoring feature! My current solution is a gentle poke on my sleeping husband's arm...followed by an ever so slightly less gentle kick (with love!) if that fails to do the trick.

Happy Customers

Since publishing my first review all those years ago, one of the best things that has happened is getting to interact with blog readers who email to thank me for help with their purchase. Here is my favorite email exchange of all time:

Hi, Kitty –

I emailed you in early December about considering an Amerisleep mattress. You kindly replied, and I wanted to give you an update.

We did order a King bed, and I was surprised that it arrived so quickly. In fact, we weren’t ready for it so we had to scramble to get things ready. (New paint, leading to new carpet, leading to re-arranging the bedroom.) Anyway, we finally were able to start sleeping on it and we are absolutely thrilled! Thank you for posting your honest evaluation.

We got a nice $250 discount when we ordered, and since I used your link I hope you received your bonus. If you didn’t, please let me know what I can do to make that happen for you.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

My blog readers are awesome. When we were chatting via email last month, the same reader wrote:

Thanks for your help. I hope you and your Sexy Nerd have a great Christmas season. (I would call Janet my Sexy Grandma but that just sounds creepy -- even though she is a grandma and is very sexy.) We have shared a bed for 38 years now and have had a great marriage. It's even greater now with four grandangels and one more on the way.

How sweet is that? I love my blog readers!

Amerisleep Promo Codes

Since writing my original Amerisleep mattress reviews more than 5 years ago, a referral program has been introduced. If you order through my Amerisleep promo code link (THANK YOU!) you'll receive free shipping and save an additional $50 on top of other discounts, coupons, promo codes, and specials. There is almost always an Amerisleep promo code available on the brand website, so if there's not a good deal today, check back tomorrow. (Currently, the coupon is TAKE200.) This is a huge savings over what you would purchase an Amerisleep mattress for on Amazon. (Plus, I read an Amazon review that said Amerisleep doesn't honor their free returns policy if you order that way...but that seems weird, right? I think the reviewer might have been mistaken, unless the Amerisleep beds sold on Amazon aren't actually from Amerisleep at all. Hmmm...) We truly do love our Amerisleep mattress. THANK YOU for using my link. Blogging can be a thankless hobby sometimes and it's so fulfilling when I see that a real person out there is enjoying the site I've put so much into. It truly does mean the world to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Trouble sleeping? Be sure to check out my Amerisleep mattress reviews.