Blog Hop (New and Improved!)

So, apparently the Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop linky tool hasn't been allowing my readers to post anything new (those InLinkz crumb-bums.) Not to worry though. It's not only fixed - it's new and improved and better than ever!

Remember, this link up is open to any and all posts you're proud of. To share a link on Pinterest, click on the image directly. To visit the link, click the description underneath the image. Have a great weekend, my bloggy friends!

I leisurely stumbled out of bed this morning after 9am to discover that Sexy Nerd had washed and waxed my car, just because. How lucky am I?

If anyone out there has a suggestion on where to go in Colorado, please let me know. I've caught the road trip bug :)

This is not to be mistaken for an actual "bug" bug. Bleck!

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