Sad Jack Russell

Pica has been dreaming about the posh new bed she's going to win, leaving her nights on the cold, hard floor behind her. What a mean mom and dad she has! ;)

Our little troublemaker is behind in the competition though. If you have a free moment, please pop over to my Instagram to like Pica's contest entry. I think she's beautiful.

Thank you! Thank you! (One from me and one from Pica. She's very polite like that. We raised her well.)

(Is it super obvious we don't have kids?)

I know I'm biased, but just look at that face! She could be a model, that pup of mine.

Don't tell Pica, but we're totally going to make her share her new bed with Biscuit. Mean parents, I tell ya.

With this post titled "Sad Jack Russell", I'd hate for you to be disappointed to have clicked the link, only to find Pica beaming that mischievous smirk of hers. If you're mean like that, here is a sad photo, just for you:

There's sad dogs, and then there's saaaaaad Pica.

We wouldn't give her any corn on the cob. She's a bit of a drama queen.